Full time Living in Your Motorhome

Fulltiming in a Motorhome

Some live full time in Motorhomes as big as a house!

There is something about a motorhome that seems to re-awaken the nomad in many of us, it creeps up on us slowly. It normally starts by extending a stay by a day or two, just because we can. The ease that we can travel to somewhere new and the moment we stop we have all the comforts of home.   We subconsciously discover how easily it is to live for a couple of weeks in the van, then we ponder…  and if we can live comfortably for a week, we know it’s possible to do it for 52 weeks!

The Dream of Full timing

The daydream of fulltiming in a motorhome normally explodes into a real desire after you meet someone who is already living the dream.  You will probably meet this full timer on a site, or small CL, you will  notice that they have a slick routine but do not hurry and appear to have all the time in the world. Only at the end of your stay, when you notice that it looks like you are going to be leaving before them, do you ask when they are leaving and discover that they are fulltimers, they tell you a little about their life on the road. A seed is sown. On the way home the thought of fulltiming and living a nomadic life springs to mind and explodes into an overwhelming desire to travel full time in your motorhome.

You are conditioned to think that only low life and gypsies travel, this myth unravels as you research motorhome full timing. You read that are thousands of normal, decent law abiding people that are also itinerants and live full time in a motorhome.  You try and convince your partner that fulltiming is the life for you, you research more and you find that there is even an association dedicated to motorhomers like you.

Its called Motorhome365.  You can join the Association by clicking the sign up button> you’ll find by clicking [here]