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Just been in Valencia region. Castellon de la Plana. Heard some disturbing reports of one of our members. Will communicate with the owner of this site tomorrow.
We are at a place salled Demre on the coast in Turkey.Weather not wonderful but its ok.Next week we will go farther South to Kemer near Antalya where we can sort out a few things on the truck at a mates workshop.All the towns here have a specific area for repairs with shops and workshops doing everything under the sun.Got to do the back brakes and a bit of bodywork.We have only seen 6 mohos in 3 weeks.
We are now parked up at a super u at ill e Sur tet. But the area we were staying was absolutely gorgeous at the duilhac sous peyrepertuse. The most scenic part of France we have yet seen. It's a shame we have to go anywhere near plastics as we have also managed to stay away from them largely by being on our home. Love inland France.Will be in Spain for next week.Going to explore the coast part and then head inland.
,.........avoiding Barcelona and travel down slow to deltebre.Have fun you guys and stay in touch.We aim to travel back through Portugal this year and home in may sometime. Who knows what's going to happen with Brexit and how that fucks things up for us next year.By the way you can either get hold off me on this site or live or text via what's app.Be good to meet up if you get down this way.
Starting fulltime life tomorrow. With our dog. Will need loads of advice, suggestions, recommendations, warnings, encouragements and most of all a sense of belonging within the overlanding community!
10 month's until dependant free, I want to live/travel in a motorhome and see where it takes experience, advice willingly accepted
When I run the water in sink basin etc the water runs out onto the ground. I have a FIAT PILOTE galaxy 270. I can't see the where the fault
Tried to get fulltimers cover with comfort ins said they can't insure me cos my PILOTE is too old. year 2000. anyone know who can
I just got insurance with them for a 1995 Hymer B544? Did it online! :)
hi guys.,hope your both well...were giving up the s700 in march and getting a flat......what do you reckon we should put the motorhome up for..weve put a new fridge in anew water pump.shower mixer..wiring .fuse boards.w,eve got new seals for the door,boot,new bumper rubbers to go on,,shes tidy for her age,,where would you suggest posting her for sale and any advice please.....take care guys
Hi we are Clyde and Christine ( Chris ) we have rented out house and headed to Europe no idea for how long or where now in Alicante
Hi there, I see you have atempted a contact with us. We are new to this touring lark so pleas bare with us.
Have now parked up on the algarve for the winter. Will probably stay until April.
Now retired, hope to be off to Spain in November. Traveling to Portugal then back through France with possible deviation to Germany!