Winterising for the full timer?


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Hi Pat we used to use Celotex insulation (I think another brand, same as Kingspan) it has foil either side, is very good insulation and is not expensive, we used to buy from Encon Insulation.----- 50 mm should be quite effective.
Fibre-glass/rockwool are a pita as any moisture within the panel will be absorbed-- and when that insulation gets wet it will collapse---leaving nothing above it ! Polystyrene is good---but not as effective as Celotex .
Our 5er is nearly all ally framed---as you said, you tend to get cold areas along the frame (but it is lighter than wooden frame, and very little chance of rot)
The GRP (filon) skin has no insulation qualities to speak of, might as well use ally. sheet ----its lighter.
Some US RV's have air-con units in a low cupboard (never seen one though)-----if you mount one very low down --remember they are fragile, so shield well.
Nice to build a double skin floor with tanks in a heated area---also make the floor warmer inside.
What an exciting project-----nearly as much fun as the trip !!!!!!!!
Best of luck


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Hi Nigel and Pamala
Yes I have heard of celotex and its the same sort of thing as kingospan.
Yes I dont find it exciting, but Neil just eats and sleeps it , if you know what I mean.
We got another quote from Germany today 38,000 euros.

I was thinking about the possibilites of a double floor today, it is good for insulation and we could put some of the tanks down there, but I think it will make us too high, we are going to be about 3.4-3.6 anyhow I dont think it would be wise to be as high as 4.0metres.

I was even thinking about a high garage with the motorbike underneath the bed but that make it a bit tight as we only have a height of 2.00metres for the cabin itself. But I do worry about the shipping of the truck with the bike on the outside, on those ships apparently anything thats not screwed down gets nicked and more.

We are going back up to Sudbury not this weekend but the weekend after, to see the truck that the guys finishing, so it will be good to see what his finish article is like.

That is a metal frame one, but he only put 1inch ply on the bottom, that is not a good design. unless he is putting in a double floor, all will become apparent on the second visit.

Thanks for replying.

To bed now


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I presume you will have 20'' wheels ??? if so, you will have some room under the floor----be carefull behind back axle----it may get clobbered !! should be OK each side of prop. between axles. Shipping is priced on total volume of truck. Are you fitting lpg tank or using bottles, (as you know they will be different all over the place) but filling a tank ?????????? or not use lpg ??? Same with toilet------black tank could present problems emptying------casette only last a day or so ??? Fixed genny ? suitcase ? petrol ? lpg ? diesel ? So many decisions !!!!!!!!!!!!


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Hi Nigel and Pamala, I will try to make the following brief, as I dont want to take over the thread.
Wheels, are big (blonde moment), maybe 22in, it depends our wide they are too. 385 or 365, something like that still looking (Neils dept). Not sure about double floor if its possible, want to keep it self contained in the box so that it can be lifted off. LPG tank 100 litres or there abouts, only for cooking, will have cooker and electric plate, fridge is electric only, tropical one. water tank 500 litres, waste small tank 100litres or so. Toilet cassette type with sog, and spare couple of cassettes. (this is the best way as we have a semi marine tank now and wouldnt go down that route with the self build. Will have a genny fixed to the outside in a purpose built locker, will probably go for petrol or diesel. Heating diesel and electric. Will carry some petrol as we will have a motorbike too, so could use that on generator. vehicle is diesel. LPG difficult to get in some of the places we are going to. Will also have a small petrol cooker for outside.
Shipping is going to be dear, specially with the tyres and motorbike on the back we will be 8metres long near enough, or if we go shortern version 7.5metres, but if done on cubic size then thats a lot too.

Some good news today, had another quote from Germany which is more favourable, still a little on the expensive side, compared to doing it ourselves, but will have a better resale value, and hopefully some sort of guarantee..
Looks like we will have to go with seitz plastic windows though, as glass is too expensive.

We will be having a crawl through to the cab to, although this will be an added expense it will mean I will sleep a bit better knowing that we can drive off in an emergency.

Anyhow, I think we will have a trip out to Germany early next year to go an see the product at first hand, although we do know a few people who have used them in the past. I dont think we can wait to see them at the allrad show in June as there will be too many people there, and not enough time to look at the product, if we go to the factory we can see different stages of completion, and different options open to us, because neither of us speak German, google translating is okay but I want to see things in the flesh, and there might be better or different options available to us, using their expertise. The good thing is they have made over 300 expedition trucks so they do have lots of experience.

Anyhow thanks for asking.



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Thanks-----you are making some good choices----especially thinking of re-sale value:D
We have not done the type of travelling you are setting up for ----------------------but we used to supply equipment for Land Rovers and the like for overland travel, so got very interested in what they were doing :D


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Hi Nigel and Pamala,
I was tempted to do it in 4x4 demountable, but cant really carry enough stables, like water and fuel, let alone food and a good size fridge. Havent ruled it out completely, because we could probably fit it is a container which will cut the cost down a lot.
However We wouldnt be able to have a motorcycle, and because originally this was going to be our method of travelling but we have progressed from that just because of the logistics and comfort. I was built for comfort not speed. ;) Plus in some unsafe places we will be higher up and out of the way a bit, although not totally.
I love reading peoples blogs and belong to horizon unlimited and expedition portal, where most of those are either motorcyclist or 4 x 4, only a small proportion of 4 x 4 motorhome trucks.



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Hi all,I dont know if this is relavant to you all but my old Tiffin has expanding foam sprayed underneath,it was like that when I bought it so dont know if it was a factory job or done by a previous owner.The fuel tank at the rear and just about everything else is covered in the stuff including the bases of all the lockers.I have never had a problem with it freezing up yet.I supose it wouldnt be a huge job to do yourself if you steam cleaned it first.It dosnt look like it was done with the builders type stuff,more like the stuff they pump into walls.The tanks have tropical fishtank heaters in them,which dont use much juice but stop them freezing up.