What do you fulltime in


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Just put the deposit down on a 2002 Rimor 727 Super Brig. I'm living and travelling in my own and at first I wasn't convinced that I needed anything quite so big - 24ft long and 6 berth. I hired a couple of smaller vans for a week apiece - just wish I could afford a shiny new one but extrapolating to living in the van full time and the extra bits and bobs that requires I figure the extra space will be a bonus.


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hi. can be very handy having extra space and storage.
i traveled for years just using vw campers . then used a dodge 13ton truck. and a bedford bus .
went back to vw,s then in 2000 bought the mini artic . swapped the tow truck and have been pleased with it.
do some times think should i go smaller again . or should i just go back to my teardrop . mind havnt used that for about 8 years .

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One for Alan...?