What do you fulltime in

pelmetman & pelmetlady

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Stuart McIntosh

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Trying to get a feel for what fulltimers are us in and are they happy with their choice as a mistake in the choice could be expensive and possibly gepordise the fulltiming dream


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Hi and welcome to 365
We don't full-time now_______ but do have a terrific van to long-term in-----its a 26ft n+b Flair on an Iveco 6ton chassis.
But we have known people live in everything from an old Mercedes van and caravan (he grafted another van on the roof as they got more kids!!) To a 30+ foot 5er and yank truck, and in between from a home built panel van to various different van conversions from tiny to obscene-----------there is not an ideal van-------the best one for you is one that suits where you go, how you travel and your budget (for example if you do loads of miles an RV may hit the budget too hard at gas stations, if you insist on spending lots of time in cities a panel van conversion may suit you better)
Good luck with your decision.


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Hi Stuart we have a coach that i converted when we had our house.
If I was to make the decision again I would go the same route but maybe see if I could have got a 4x4 version. The width is the most important aspect in the dimensions then the height and then length.Rear wheel drive is a must and a decent payload that you should get with a h.g.v. Self build is the way to go for me all day long


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a 2 million dollar question with an infinite answer,
best to go with your gut instinct [and budget]-----mine was a insulated body, cam chain engine, garage space, forward facing seats for under 12's,
we do not have the money for our ideal motor, so a compromise was made.


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We full time in a Hymer B584 6 mtrs & have been doing so since 2010!
No problems but have updated it from 350 to 380 & put a box on the bike rack, we also tow a small car when in UK.


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We are back living in the van tomorrow after 4 years of bricks and mortar. Our Swift is 7.5 metres and we find it suits us fine.

We both still have to work for a few more months so we won't be able to travel much.



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We are 30ft and is a breeze to drive we spend a lot of time in our BETTY.we have a scooter on the back so we can pop in to towns we have our dream. It's nice to see all your lovely campers IMG_0227.JPG IMG_0152.JPG