What do you fulltime in

27ft Fifth wheel unit with a 12 ft super slide - give us bags of comfort and room pulled by a Land Rover 110

John and Joan

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Hymer S700 on Mercedes 410D

7 metres (24ft) long with fixed rear bed, Bar style lounge. Enough space for two of us to live in comfortably.

We also carry a Smart FourTwo on a Bantam trailer.



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We chose a 39ft diesel pusher with 3 slide-outs knowing full well that there would be sites and roads we would not be able to access.

Actually the biggest problem isn't the motor homes size its towing the car on an A frame and not being able to reverse any great distance, EVERY turn or manoeuvre into a garage, camp site, aire has to be checked and carefully executed, not that easy if you have other traffic behind you.:(

When you live 24/7 in a motor home space for us was our No.1 priority.

If we want to visit the quaint little villages we have a car for that, also the Big Pitch Guide for sites.:)

We full timed in at first an Elddis Autoquest 140...Then we had an Autocruise Startrail


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We fulltime in a 30' fifth wheel which is towed by a Dodge Ram 3500 Dually 4x4 pickup. We also have a truck camper that goes onto the back of the pickup which we use for quick trips or where we know there is not a lot of space. Whichever unit is not being used is kept in storage.
Ours is a 33' fifth wheel Toy Hauler which we tow with a GMC Sierra 2500HD. We also carry to roadlegal quads in the garage.

Wow,some fantastic motorhome or 'rigs' ,i feel so ordinary and small in comparison,i have a 6 berth ,7 metre something Talbot Elddis 400 gt,2 ltr petrol/LPG conversion,which is great in the Spring/Summer or hot weather,as you have the great outdoors to use too,but in the Winter i cheat a little ,as i'm not fully a full-timer,but stay in several places in the EU,i call home.
Barny the bearded leg - end :)


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we did live in a small van------that we fitted out----- for a couple of years------size is not one sided, as the bigger it is the more issues you have re. camping places, and almost certainly, higher running costs, ferry and road tolls.
We now have a 30 ft 5 er and are well aware that space can have a price ! !
Nigel & Pamala
I agree,on size,it's a compromise,i recently travelled a new border crossing from Bulgaria to Greece,when i reached the border,there was a sign saying a weight and a length,less than 7'5 tonne and 7.5 mtrs length...due to the wideness and bends of this small border opening and pass into Xanthi,Greece,a ' big un' would have had to drive around another border 100 miles away.
Also finding hidden away bays and villages,and staying there,with a 'big un' ,you just cant,but then you haven't the space and room of them,swings and roundabouts,lifestyle and countries,needs and use.We're all Motorhomers,and find the need to travel and explore,which is great,and we should never 'look up' or indeed ' look down ' on vehicles and people,who are enjoying a pursuit we belong in. :)
I started out in a beatiful Eura Mobil 7 berth at 8mtrs. Due to a lousy tenant causing serious financial problems this had to go and I bought a Bus to convert. This was 9.5Mtrs but a lot wider than the Eura. It would have been brilliant but the size meant I was limited in my movements. I am now living in a self converted 1 berth Fiat Ducato LWB @ 5.5Mtrs long it is tiny but as I have converted it myself the layout is perfect for one person and it is proving to be very mobile and very comfortable.
A Rapido 997m A-class (now four years old). Absolutely great for one. I had a 'lodger' for five months. That proved at times rather stressful ! I tow with A-frame a Toyato iQ, but leave it behind when I cross the Channel.
We live in a 34 ft Fleetwood Bounder no slide outs - no need for them - just love her. Comfort and chilling space is our need when you are 24/7. We stay on mainly CL sites or THS 's ,park up and then do our sight seeing with our Toyota Aygo which we tow with a A Frame (electronically braked)
7.3m LeVoyageur euro but we cheat with a 4m trailer carrying Smart ForTwo Cabrio, boat & engine and some other junk that won't go in the garage! The Smart and the Alden Netmaster 90 are the two things that make it all work for us...


Wow lots of differant ones here . But we like a little space so we went for a 36 foot Damon Challenger ,twin slides with a separate bathroom ,8.1 vortec with LPG conversion . Some sites dont like us but thats there loss .
For visiting places we have our Cycles these also help to keep us fit .


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27' Sun Valley ltd edition rear kitchen pulled by 05 Transit Dbl cab, at present on fantastic small site outside Chesterfield, Derbyshire. (Millfield) full timing in Derbyshire (2).JPG


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We are so small compared to you lot!!! we have a swift voyager with a rear lounge and a dinette up front 7.3 mts long and not too wide, not sure of the width in cm but its 7ft 4 wide would really like a slide out for the room but we are a bit concerned about the usage per mile and of people saying you cannot get in some sites, we have resisted the urge to get a car to tow as we usually find somewhere near a bus stop and we have our electric bikes which are good in the summer but too cold to use in the really cold weather, softies I know!!! have to harden up some people might say but we have managed so far, dont fancy the extra hassle of towing, owning,paying extra insurance tax etc for it when we have managed for nearly 3 years without