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Hello everyone, this is my first post here, although I have been reading for a little while.

I am a mature student at St Andrew's University, and I am looking at living in an RV rather than renting. Rent there is crazy - best I have found is £700 a month for a house share. The problem is, after doing some calculations, it doesn't seem like going full time would actually save me any money. In fact, it might even cost me more than rent, so I was wondering if anyone had any ideas?

I would be planning to live in my RV for at least 5 years. Which is why personally I would need an RV, rather than a camper van. I have caravaned before, and a small space is totally fine for a week or two, but personally if this is my actual home I don't want to have to fold the bed into a table every morning for breakfast, and I would want a toilet and a shower. I wouldn't expect to use these every day, BUT, I would like the option for emergencies. Of course RVs cost about £40,000, so I would be looking at converting a small bus, coach, lorry, horse van e.c.t. myself, for a budget of about £10-15,000. This seems reasonable from research, but would require me to get a loan, for roughly £200-250 a month, depending on the specifics.

Which leads me to my problem. Parking. An RV/ bus / lorry is not easy to park, and wild camping will be difficult. In all honesty, I think wild camping in the same spot for 4 years is a little implausible whatever I drive. If it was 2 nights in one town, 2 nights in another I am sure I could find somewhere to tuck away, but after 4 years I expect people would begin to notice me!

Campsites would be perfect, but I have contacted about 10, and none of them are ideal. Most close over winter, which is exactly when I will be needing a place. One or two are open over winter, but are full. None are willing to take a full timer, and all of them are expensive. £25-30 a night, or £600 a month at a discount.

I did find one guy with a CL for £5 a night, with no electricity. He kindly also offered for me to stay on his farm after the 28 day rule forces me off the CL, and farms or famer's fields seem my only option. But this would require me to go off grid, which would cost me extra in LPG for heating and cooking. I would also need to get into town almost every day, which would cost me diesel money, and I would have to try and park the beast...

All in all, I would be paying 250 a month to pay off the purchase, at least 100 a month renting a field, about 100 a month insurance (based off of my best quote so far, although perhaps I could lower it) leaving me 250 a month for all of my running and fuel costs (for it to work out the same as the house). This doesn't seem possible. What am I missing?

Sorry for the mamoth post, and thank you in advance for any advice!

Hi Josh and welcome. There is no easy solution to your problem, I think you've covered everything in your post. One suggestion I could make however is have you considered a demountable. That way you could leave your "home" behind and go shopping or to uni in the truck. You would also have to considerr solar power plus possibly extra batteries.


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Welcome to the forum Josh :thumb: I think you may have answered your own question. If your own research shows that going fulltime in a RV is likely to work out more expensive than renting then surely renting is the only viable option, especially if you have to fork out to buy the RV and pay the associated vehicle costs of Road Tax, Insurance, Service & MOT, Fuel and Gas ? You have commented yourself on the issues of parking a RV which you will need to do on a daily basis. I would strongly suggest that you go back to the drawing board on this one :thumb:


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So, you buy a cheap very large rv and stick it the farmers field
No tax, no mot, no insurance, just stick it there and ask how much extra is electric. If he doubles his price it's only £70 a week. Nice security for the farmer.
Scrap it when you have finished and buy a road legal one.
Anyway welcome to the forum


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If the farmer is happy---- a bigger caravan would be cheaper and would be equipped from day one, get the seller to move it to the farm, think about a motorhome later when you can actually use it!!!!!!
Otherwise----- rent a place.!!!!----- welcome to the forum- whatever you decide!!