Viva Paloma

Discussion in 'Fulltimer's Motorhomes' started by Dunroamin, Feb 26, 2018.

  1. Dunroamin

    Dunroamin Well-Known Member

    Still at Ricote.Every Saturday they let their racing pigeons loose,one female and 40 or 50 brightly painted Paloma4.jpg Paloma7.jpg males,the idea being to make them attractive to the female. The bitch landed on our roof !!!!!

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  2. vwalan

    vwalan Well-Known Member

    must have thought it was a pigeon coup they landed on .
    whats all the crap on the roof. hee hee.
  3. wanderlust51

    wanderlust51 Active Member

  4. coolasluck

    coolasluck Well-Known Member

    Nice one:thumb::D
    Not done the bonnet yet then;)
  5. Fiskar

    Fiskar New Member

    At least they would stand out in the snow here :)
  6. Dunroamin

    Dunroamin Well-Known Member

    Cant do the cab till we do the cab roof and for that we need to use the angle grinder and here that is a nono.Pissing it down today and as I thought, mud and no-one trying to move.
  7. coolasluck

    coolasluck Well-Known Member

    Pissing it down here too in Cullera.Thursday on looks good though but it seems that Valencia and north of it has had snow!!. Rather be here than blighty though....just biding our time.

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