Upper Nidderdale, North Yorkshire

Discussion in 'Wildcamping in Northern England' started by Rob Hall, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Rob Hall

    Rob Hall Well-Known Member

    A really nice little car park at the side of Gouthwaite Reservoir, from Pateley Bridge, take the road Signposted Middlesmoor, Lofthouse & Ramsgill.
    I will post a photo when I am next up there.
    I lived up here for 6 years, it is beautiful.
    The car park is owned by Mr Middlemiss, a really nice local chap from Ramsgill, he has put in a honesty box, please use it.
    The car park is on the left about 3 quarters of the way up the reservoir, watch for a House called "Flying Ducks Colt House" the car park is next to it.

    The next day, move up to Scar House Reservoir, this is where I lived, the car park at the reservoir is Free, the locals are friendly, the local Farmer is great, I will give you his name if you PM me and I know who you are, he is worth knowing and is a really nice bloke.

    Winter is not a good idea as the road up to the reservoir is a private Yorkshire Road and is not very well gritted in the snow.
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  2. Ken Scott

    Ken Scott New Member

    Hi, I am a new member and the picture showing looks very much like an RS Endeavour, is it?

    Can see it is as found other posts from you earlier.

    I am just about to order one but would like to ask you some questions, is it ok to post them as may be subject to some ribbing!!!!
  3. Rob Hall

    Rob Hall Well-Known Member

    Hi Ken
    In a nutshell, the 'Van is brilliant, the service is.......(PM me for the 4 letter outburst, I don't want banning by Jim!!)
    We have one or two little issues, but nothing that can't be sorted, but you would not believe how bad the servive is.
    The trouble is, the owners are really nice people, Alison and Mick couldn't be any nicer, I think the problem is, the business is running them, they are not running the business.
    Which model are you going for?
    There is a company called Richard Churchill, they are worth a look, I don't know how good his service is, but it couldn't be any worse than RS!! There 'vans are equally as good.
  4. shy anne

    shy anne Member

    Another good spot is scaling dam resevoir car park, free parking, they even have a burger van there most days and do a mean bacon butty as well as having public toilets with paper and water!!
  5. KathrynMeza

    KathrynMeza New Member

  6. Pat Bean

    Pat Bean New Member

    As a new member I have to disagree with this posting, although it was a few years ago. Currently this car park still owned by a commercial minded farmer, who is not a kind man btw, is under maintained, full of pot holes, subject to antisocial behaviour - slashed tyres, burnt picnic tables, full of rubbish discarded by drinking/drug taking yobs and should not offer overnight parking on this site. It should be closed down. Flying Ducks is no more so don't use that as a signpost. There are substantial, secure and better places to stop.
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  7. Pinball Wizard

    Pinball Wizard Active Member

    It’s nice of you to update the posting.
    Places do change.
    Welcome to the Forum

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