UK Banks who don't charge you for withdrawing money abroad

Discussion in 'Fulltimer Sites' started by Jemima Hymer, Jun 28, 2018.

  1. Jemima Hymer

    Jemima Hymer New Member

    Hi there

    Any recommendations for Banks who don't charge you for withdrawing money abroad? Not interested in credit cards
  2. vwalan

    vwalan Well-Known Member

    think its nation wide alot use .
    i use hsbc and just smile if i need to draw cash out abroad .
    its about 3%they charge if drawing cash abroad.
    think its ask at every bank and see what they say.
    best take lots food etc from uk then you dont spend as much abroad.
    in many places using a card seems the only way they want to sell you fuel in many places .
  3. BigMomma

    BigMomma Well-Known Member

    I do not believe that their are any actual 'Banks' that do not charge for withdrawing cash, or using debit cards, when abroad. There are a number of companies that do provide 'Cash Cards', I use Caxton FX, others are available. No subscription charges for having the card, you can 'load' multiple currencies on the one card, there are no charges made by them for using it abroad and you use it just like you would use your bank debit card here in the UK (Cash Withdrawals, Shopping in stores and supermarkets, Restaurants, Fuel). You can top up the card by using a secure 'App' on a smart phone, tablet or PC. It really is very easy, it is not a Credit Card and there are absolutely no charges for having it or using it :thumb:
  4. chrisjones18

    chrisjones18 Well-Known Member

    The nationwide one is a credit card, it's a old gold card account, I have one , it gives one of the best exchange rates with no charges unless you take out cash.
    Not sure if it's still available.
    Wife has Halifax x credit card that's not far behind with charges.
    Both can be used online
    They are not bank accounts and I don't know of one that does not charge.
  5. snowbird

    snowbird Active Member

    The Nationwide Flexplus account has no bank charges anywhere in the world for drawing out cash. It also comes with European breakdown cover and worldwide travel insurance. If you leave a minimum balance of £2500 in the account, the cost is around £6 per month. In my view, the cheapest breakdown/travel insurance money can buy and with a favourable exchange rate thrown in, its a no brainer.
  6. chrisjones18

    chrisjones18 Well-Known Member

    It's now £13 a month and from October 2018 they are adding charges for new customers.
    They keep sending me updates
  7. snowbird

    snowbird Active Member

    Correct, it is £13 per month, but after the bit of interest they give you on the £2500 it comes down to about £6 per month. You cannot get full European breakdown cover, travel insurance, phone insurance and free cash withdrawals for £6 per month anywhere else.

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