This is going to happen, when?


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''After that we plan to follow the west coast of Spain and Portugal, through Basque and then into France again on our way back to the UK for a wedding at the end of May, then Ireland for a funeral at he end o June (unfortunately the brother mentioned above)''

well done on your full timing, hope the whole family is enjoying the life style :cool:
Had to laugh at the statement above about the funeral at the end of June, how on earth do you work that one out, have you got a hit man on stand by :punch: or are we able to predict to the week when we are going to pop our clogs :devil: I'm sure I must've read it wrong :rofl:

Daniel Beeson

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My brother died in November last year in Ireland, due to the circumstances there needed to be an inquest which isn't till mid March at which point death certs will be issued, we had a small gathering in November but will be scattering ashes and celebrating his life on his birthday on June 24th in Ireland with all our family.


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Hi sorry to read of your loss and may it go well in June for you and your family, pleased to read that you are on your travels and your family are enjoying , enjoy your full timing and travels ,regards alf&m


Hi Monkmoor, Daklha is where I want to go the most, we will be heading to Morocco for Xmas this year so would love to hear how you get on.
Good to hear from you. May see you there as I'm returning again later this year to escape the winter.

I love it here. The drive down is a crueller but I made a week of it and kept stoping

I'm kitesurfing here and there's a place with all the surfers free of charge with water and look.

The city is a further 20 miles away and handy for everything.

No alcohol at all in daklha

Bring loads.