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Discussion in 'Under the Awning' started by Paul and Anne, Jun 15, 2017.

  1. Paul and Anne

    Paul and Anne New Member

    hi all.

    Our theford n145ad r fridge freezer has got a problem. The freezer is fine but the fridge won't go below 20c. It is 30c outside. Does anybody know what the problem can be, or where we can get it looked at. We are in Mataro outside of Barcelona. We have the fridge side shaded with our awning and we have taken the vents off

    Thanks Paul and Anne
  2. vwalan

    vwalan Well-Known Member

    it can be a problem with many fridges in spain in summer ,well anywhere its warm. best fridges are compressor fridges they cope much better with the warmth.
    many condensor fridges play up around the 30-32 c mark.
    amazing in winter how many play up in morocco. but later on the way home work again.
    i made the mistake of fitting one when i first converted my trailer. after 2 winters away i fitted more solars and an inverter and a household 240v compressor fridge . best move i ever did .
    not alot of help for you .but keep fridge on the shade side of van . helps a bit . unfortunately many m,home converters put the fridge on the door side and most folk want the door in the sun .
  3. sundowners

    sundowners Well-Known Member

    Is your fridge chock a block??????where is the thermometer placed?--does the freezer need defrosting??
    20 c is really a problem!!!!!!!!
  4. chrisjones18

    chrisjones18 Well-Known Member

    if the fridge is close to empty it also will struggle to lower the temp, the same as if its ram jam full. try a fan by the vent to blow the air.
    some use computer fans[they are 12 volt] on the outlet vent to blow the air away, they reckon it helps
  5. BigMomma

    BigMomma Well-Known Member

    Have you checked the temperature of the fridge first thing in the morning, if it is cooler outside at night and the fridge works better than it is just the high daytime temperature and not a problem with the fridge.
  6. Dunroamin

    Dunroamin Well-Known Member

    Is it running on lekky or gas ?
  7. sundowners

    sundowners Well-Known Member

    I have just remembered that I had a similar problem with a fridge not cooling properly when the freezer seemed ok---------I noticed the door seal was dislodged at the bottom of the fridge door, it definitely worked better when I positioned it correctly, the cold was dropping out of the bottom!!!!
  8. Paul and Anne

    Paul and Anne New Member

    Thanks every one for your answers. Had someone out to look at it and he said it's just to hot outside for the fridge to cope. We have taken the vents of the side and put a fan at the bottom blowing the air through it to help cool it and and we have got i down to 8 in morning then around 10 in day time.

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