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Discussion in 'Under the Awning' started by snail, Jun 1, 2018.

  1. chrisjones18

    chrisjones18 Well-Known Member

    You are braver than me with waiting in a que,, it's my pet hate... well done on that one.
    Did they refuse gas on the basis of tax, road and cooking are different rates and retailers get big fines if caught by authorities. ( I used to work with an Italian who won't go back there except for a short holiday)
    35 euros is a lot cheaper than my $275 in Australia and I wasn't over the limit.. was outside a school on a non school day but pc plod knew I was in a hired vehicle and had no chance of an appeal .even when paying they said police were wrong as there is no school on Saturdays in Australia so appeal and you will get off... too much hassle so didn't bother.
    Are the roads that bad or just like the UK.
    I quite like France and will be there in 3 weeks.(west coast)
  2. Dunroamin

    Dunroamin Well-Known Member

    Lifes a beach. Looks better on a smart phone.
  3. snail

    snail Well-Known Member

    well hi folks, yes we are in france, came in from Italian border along the French Riviera Nice, Antibes etc, Plod was on the border stopped and asked if had any unwanted passengers!

    Didn't need any welcome signs to know we were in France as a roundabout every 500 metres! and yes its very nice to be on familiar ground, have been slowly making our way west past Carcassone, Toulose etc following canals with nice aires, reasonable costs, last three nights at Valance de Agean on the canal 2 seas, old abbatoir turned into a rest place for vans and boats, with toilets, showers, equipped kitchen and loads of power points to charge bike batteries etc, all for 5 euro a night, the best stops seem to be the ones not planned?

    Had a castasthrope with my bike felt a bit wobbly so checked and found seven broken spokes! yes I know the diet aint going well! found two posh bike shops no joy too small 20 inch, special order, found a tourist office and directed to a shop in a small town, two women sat inside on kitchen chairs and a guy must have been at 70 milling about in overalls, it was like stepping back in time to the 50's full of old bikes and mopeds, auto cycles etc, anyway after an interesting talk, he found a new wheel and changed the groupset over for me for 32.50 we gave him 35 pour sole could only shuffle about, but just kept laughing at our attempts to speak French!

    we are now sat in a decathlon carpark as good for wifi, about 12 miles west of Marmande, should be on the atlantic tonight? got to go now as jans turn on laptop to get here library books from Gloucester!

    ok camper contact did an auto update when on wifi last time and hasn't worked correctly since? with parts of the app not working? like changing countries can still use the world map also in Italy it was using carparks as free places with no facilities which is ok but saying there were 25 or 50 etc places available which turns out to be the total carpark spaces not ones for motorhomes, we got caught out once thinking it would be ok to arrive late having 50 places but only 5 for motorhomes! so be aware of this short coming, now of course in france we are spoiled for choice

    stay safe and have fun, anyone on the west coast give us a call!
    snails trails
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  4. adonisito

    adonisito Member

    We are near Castres at the moment, nearly 12 months away now. Camper Contact is nowhere near as good as Park4night for stopping places in France and Spain. Get some free MC DO wifi and download it, even pay your 8 quid fro the Pro version !!
  5. snail

    snail Well-Known Member

    Hi all, we are just north of Royan at La Palmyre, last time here 18 years ago, still lovely place two big Aires a bit dear at 12 euro? Still good weather

    Not much else to say really as I'm sure most of you are well aquainted with France

    Enjoy your travels
  6. vwalan

    vwalan Well-Known Member

    hi. havnt been there myself for years .
    my cousin used to live a bit inland from there at saintes .
    also used to get even further inland near amont de bonnieure where a friend lives .
    but its nice along that atlantic coast . la rochelle fantastic , we also usecd to go to a m,bike show at la tranche s,mer. .
    have a good time and enjoy the rest of your trip.
    if in la tranche s.mer there used to be a bikers pub down on the sea front ,ran by one of mc. tenders. always welcoming to foreign m,bikers .
    i used to show my white trike ,went down well.
    another member used to run the casino in la tranche but we never used that . hee hee
    your missing the nice sun here though. been scorching the last few days .
  7. chrisjones18

    chrisjones18 Well-Known Member

    [QUOTE="vwalan, post:

    your missing the nice sun here though. been scorching the last few days .[/QUOTE]

    44c on dash thermometer today in Ronda Spain
  8. vwalan

    vwalan Well-Known Member

    yes well we expect it to be hot in spain at this time of year .
    been really nice here .
    my outside thermometer in the shade has been showing well over 30c . gets higher as the sun comes round ,but then that would be in the sun. so i dont count sun temps .
    mind go to ronda in winter and it could be colder than in cornwall.
    most of spin is colder in winter than here . but it is a lot higher than sea level in spain inland very often higher than ben nevis .
  9. Dunroamin

    Dunroamin Well-Known Member

    Odd the weather report says you have 20 degrees today and 19 tomorrow,are you sure you dont have a magnifying glass in front of the thermometer??
  10. vwalan

    vwalan Well-Known Member

    yes been showing high but yes not so good today . but the last week or so as been good .
    about 24c today i make it . in the shade .
    ok for here .
    never know might get some rain , be good for the garden.
    bobs been complaining its far too hot .
    i quite like hot weather , but i do prefer the african dry heat .
    here makes you wet as its a bit humid .
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