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Hey guys, does anyone know of any sites you can long term stay on (over 28 days) as I would like a base to return to on the evening after work etc.. but be nice to stay on one site for a while. Any help really appreciated :)


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hi, you may find it easier to find a farm that could do with a night security system . or even a business somewhere that needs a sort of watch person.
not quite a campsite but possible free water ,bit of leccy etc and useful to the other person as well. i know a few live in dis used farm yards that only keep tractors and equipment in . but having a camper there keeps breakins etc away. have fun , cheers alan.


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remember there are time limmits for staying on those though.


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A 'CL' or 'CS' is the term used for small, generally just 5 van, sites. To use these you are supposed to be a member of one of the main Caravan Clubs (Caravan & Motorhome Club or Camping & Caravanning Club) and you will need to become a member so there will be an Annual Subscription to pay for the Privilege as well as paying the associated pitch fees. Not all CL's or CS's have all the facilities of a larger Campsite, Toilets/Showers or EHU's, however, many do but you will need to search for what you require. There are some smaller sites, not affiliated to the 'Clubs' so that would negate the requirement to pay the subscription fee to become a member. However, the majority of Campsites are 'Touring' sites as opposed to 'Residential' sites and there are restrictions on how many consecutive nights you can stay on a 'Touring' site, it is generally between 21-28 nights. If you are looking to use such sites you may find that you cannot use the site address as a 'permanent' address so you will need to look at how to get around this issue, there are several options. Not all Campsites remain open 'All Year' and tend to close Early November until mid-March, the coldest and wettest months when you will certainly be looking for Electric (Although generally no more than 16amp on sites), Showers/Toilets, Laundry facilities and be prepared for frozen water pipes on service points.

As has been suggested, you may be better trying to find a 'Residential' site or a site that will 'unofficially' accept you to remain longer than legally permitted, which is somewhat risky for both them and yourselves, they could have their licence revoked whilst you will be evicted, at short notice !! It sounds as if you will be limited to a particular geographical area due to your work, also, your children may be settled into particular schools, so your search area is already limited. Living by mutual agreement in an agricultural environment may be the way to go, but these, by the obvious nature of their industry may be in isolated areas, rural transport may be a consideration unless you have more than the one vehicle and can accommodate school runs, shopping etc.

I do not want to come across as completely negative, but you do need to consider all the elements and practicalities of living and working in this type of environment, if it were a simple process then I believe that a lot more people would be doing it, there are reasons why many are not, especially those with families. That is not to say that it cannot be done and if you want something bad enough then you will find a way :thumb: I genuinely wish you luck and trust that you find what it is that you are seeking
Thank you so much for all the info guys I will try a couple of local farms see what they say as you say its worth a try. Mail etc.. Will be going to my parents address so that's not to much of an issue :)