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    We know that feeling too well, looking after parents is very hard as you want to go but have to stay......
  2. Risky

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    Hello again all you lovely people.
    Hope life is treating you all well and the past few months have not frozen any bits off if you've been stuck in colder climes rather than sun drenched Spain/Portugal.
    A lot has gone on over the past few months since we've been back in UK. Mostly positive things and we've sorted out a few little jobs on the van, sold a few bits and bobs that were no longer needed from the house and all in all made the most of our time here.
    We've also spent much of our time around my parents. Dad took a bad turn in October but managed to bounce back again and mum is still keeping busy despite high blood pressure, breathing problems and a few other ailments.....no stopping that one!
    Sadly but not surprisingly, dad has now deteriorated much more and is currently back in hospital with pneumonia. Last week I was listening to him and decided that his slight chest infection for which he was taking a couple of tablets he had laying around, was a bit more serious. Story short, ambulance to hospital and some strong antibiotics, oxygen and a few other drugs for good measure.
    Dad has basically said "fu@k this" and in typical style has decided to no longer be used as a pin cushion, a drugs guinea pig and in a nutshell said thank you very much for all the hard work that the doctors have given him since being diagnosed...they have worked amazingly and helped him extend his life to where we are now...BUT.....dads had enough.
    His sense of humour and fight is still there but he knows that it's all coming on top. Despite the sadness of watching dad go through the treatments and the ups and downs, we've enjoyed a lot of extra time, had some great banter and gone over a lot of memories as a family. Dads as comfortable as can be expected and the nurses are looking after him very well and as usual Dad has a few "girl friends" on the ward!
    We're hoping that he can come out of hospital so we can take him to see a few places rather than being stuck at home or on a hospital ward. Not sure if he will be able to sit in the car for any amount of time but if not then maybe we can take him in the camper van and he can lay in the bed....screw the laws, rules and regulations that may say otherwise.
    So....as the weather starts to change and the coming weeks bring warmer weather, hopefully my parents can enjoy seeing the flowers coming out in their garden that they love so much turn into the colourful sanctuary that they both created.
    We have no idea what time we have with anyone, each day we wake up and it's a bonus. We'll make the most of each day now and what will be will be. There's a bit of sadness over us all at this time BUT our parents have LIVED well, travelled extensively and ticked a lot of boxes in their lives. They've shown us how to enjoy life, have fun and not let work get in the way of things too much. Their adventurous nature has taken them all over the world and they have seen many places that I am yet to see.....they've lived well and I am thankful that they both seem happy with their lot.
    This may not seem the most joyous of posts BUT we are actually finding comfort by knowing that as a family there's no real regrets about lost chances, things that could've been different. This time has shown us how important it is to do as much as you can when you can for as long as you can...enjoy your health.
    So....peace and love and all that. Keep smiling, keep cracking on and look forward to the warmer weather that is coming our way now....get out there and enjoy it.
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  3. alf&m

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    After reading your post,my thoughts are with you and to say enjoy every moment you have all together and enjoy your travels ,regards Alfand Marianne.
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  4. chrisjones18

    chrisjones18 Well-Known Member

    i understand exactly what you mean as we are roughly in the same position as yourselves, only with Sally's mum.
    I could not put anything into words the same as you have,
    she has vascular dementia and is now in hospital with liver failure, we have been looking after her for the last 3 years which has stopped us doing what we planned, she is happy in herself but has no idea where she is.
    your last 2 sentences have enabled me to put this on here so many thanks to you.
    all the best, Chris & Sally
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  5. hpold

    hpold Well-Known Member

    Know how you feel as my partner has vascular dementia and I am having to think for two . Not easy and has put a strain on me . Just out of hospital and was lucky that the grand daughter could look after her as we where in spain . It has also restricted our travels and at times she does not know where she is. Just try to make her happy .
    All the best hpold .
  6. chrisjones18

    chrisjones18 Well-Known Member

    I have no idea what I am on about as after a meeting today she has kidney failure not liver plus s few other things.
    Outcome after a heated argument with council social worker (who wanted to send her to a care home) and a very nice doctor she is going to be assessed by the nhs in a hospital not the bloody council in a care home for her long term care plan.
    the council would only pay for 2 weeks in the home and wouldnot say what would happen after, as if we could not work that out ourselves.
    social worker kept on about the high cost bed in a hospital ward.....I could have thrown her out the bloody window.
    hpold , I feel for you...good luck.
    risky. Thanks for your post I feel better now..
  7. hpold

    hpold Well-Known Member

    Thanks it is not easy just have to do it no care home. You may ask why the next door neighbour I poped in every day had dementure and kidney failure had to call 999 four times and let her brother know. She ended in a care home and lasted two months. I went there one friday and the a couple of days later and could see she needed a doctor told them to get one now as she was bad they said the doctor only came on a tuesday and thursday well you can vision my reply got banned from the care home but the doctor did come. Her brother got banned for feeding her . Did put in a complaint to the quality care commision and her brother to. Did a few times but did not help as she passed away . Outcome from the complaints after the nurse was sacked .
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    van looks great with a cracking plate :thumb:
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  9. Risky

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    Long time huh!
    I’ll start this reply with the news that my dad passed away back in August last year.
    He had fought hard but eventually it was all a bit too much and in his own words he said ‘fuck it, i’m out’ !!
    That was dad, he was ready and even in the last hours we was still cracking jokes.
    We was fortunate to of had him for 81 years. He got to see his children have children and great grand children....many never get that chance.
    Mum has coped really well considering what has gone on and her own ailments. In many respects, dads passing has lightened the load on mums shoulders and we can see how much stress she was under.... as we all were.
    Life continues. Sad as it was and much as I miss our chats, his time was up and it was a relief from pain and suffering.
    A wonderful dad, husband that will be fondly remembered.

    A heck of a lot went on in the last year. I also parted company with my woman. After 9 years we split last April. We’re still on good terms and will hopefully remain so. Again, life goes on and people change. So now it’s just me and my Dougal dog❤️.
    My van has not done much over the past year but i’ve Managed to get a few trips away to get my head straight.
    It’s sat waiting for my next adventure that I feel is coming soon. Having done as much as possible for mum and knowing she’s okay with other family members around to jump in if she needs anything, i’m hoping to get in the van and drift off somewhere warm and sunny.

    So now I’m sniffing around for somewhere to head off towards. I’m thinking south of France, along into Spain...Portugal?
    I’m also sniffing around for somewhere to base myself over winters in the future.
    I’m open to staying on a site, wilding or renting a place. Happy to help out on land, sites if in the right location.
    I want to get back into my scuba diving and also try kite surfing, looks fun.

    So a BIG hi again from myself and my little furry mate dougal.
    Hopefully this thread will revert back into happier topics with wonderful updates as I drift around in my beloved Sprinter.

    Phil and Dougal dog❤️❤️

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