Slovenia and Croatia

Fatima Saysell

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Site prices in July/August are ridiculous, I've got a list of aires, but has anybody just pitched up by a river , lake etc, in the Summer. If not we'll stay in Germany.:)
You forgot to tell me that, dearest! You PROMISED ME CROATIA!!!!!!! :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:


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Algarve, being on the Atlantic coast, is bound to get more rain than SE Spain on the Mediterranean. I grew up in Galicia, NW Spain and it is definitely NOT true that the rain in Spain usually stays on the plane. You go an tell that to any Galician; I dare you!!! Another myth. Those who believe that obviously haven't travelled further enough north west, but Portugal is very similar, although warmer in the south, of course.
Yes, that was always my impression, which is why we've been in Murcia, on the coast for most of the past four winters. Just thought I'd ask in case anyone who'd done both, disagreed :wondering:


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when i was a child touring spain etc we were taught by the spanish that the rain in spain is usually in portugal.
i think they were right but yes galicia can be very wet as well.
though coming through in late march april i have found it always ok.
might have been lucky.
one of my favourite places is Arou mind hard to get into. found away in through a forest . ideal lovely little fishing village , all the houses are painted different colours like one of the tv villages , cant remember it now .
i do like galicia though . wild rugged and not too touristy.

Fatima Saysell

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Much that I love Galicia, I will not retire there, but plan to visit my family there often.


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i wouldnt mind asturia or cantarbria.
mind still not exactly warm in winter.
probably around san vicente de la barquera .
that seems to fit the bill quite easily.
but i do like it here in cornwall so dont think i will retire anywhere else.


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Yes, I was thinking of doing that but they have strange fishing laws. I do A LOT of fishing when away. Still, I'm not paying 30E a night staying on a packed site just so I can say I've visited Lake Bled etc !

Looks like it'll be France/Germany again with a night or 2 in Slovenia and Croatia, I have managed to track down a few aires via Campingcar infos.
Website "" it means trout pond but they are open for coarse and fly fishing,