Slovenia and Croatia


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It would pay you to ask the same question on our sister site Motorhome Fun-----I know some of them have recently been-----We can't help---we have not been since they blew themselves apart
Thanks, will do, didn't get much from Facts, so I may have fork out another tenner. I am very wary of sites called "Fun." It certainly wasn't at minus 10 in inland France over Christmas !:D


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I don't think you'll be disappointed with Sundowners suggestion to try there have been several discussions recently which should help you out with some suggestions.

-10c anywhere doesn't sound like too much fun unless you're on piste. +15c and blue skies are far more to my liking :)
No piste near Le Mans ! Just frost and frozen pipes, but at leat I could fish.
And I'm the one that has to put the heating on in the morning!

I am told that it'll be Alsace this Winter, but at least the Hymer appears to be more frost proof than the old van.


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in truth just about all of france is too cold in winter.
the warmest is around the loire atlantic .
but even then it can be very cold . in winter there arent that many countries that are warm enough in winter and then you have to be carefull where you are going .
its warm in front of the fire though.and we are in june .
when is summer coming ?
global warming , gassing , me paying for water or a campsite all myths


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se spain is the tops . southern spain gets lots of rain specially nov , dec and january.
algarve can be rainy . but every one should go there . leave se spain for me . hee hee .


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se spain is the tops . southern spain gets lots of rain specially nov , dec and january.
algarve can be rainy . but every one should go there . leave se spain for me . hee hee .

I agree, as you know, we've spent the past few winters in and around the SE Spain area, although I did feel the weather was not as good last winter as in previous years. I just wondered if any 365ers had wintered in the Algarve and disagreed.


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they do say last winter was best in algarve for awhile .
not sure myself . really spain or europe isnt warm enough . morocco is the easy one . better weather there than the canaries as they shelter the agadir province like a wind break. but i got fed up with maroc .
seen loads of floods on the algarve and gib area . used to spend oct nov and half of dec. algarve- gib area before going to maroc .
always found it too short a time if we drove down the east coast . kept missing things . last few years as been good just going slow and visiting more of the town -village we stop at.
tried wintering jan ,feb ,march in portugal a couple of times but always too much rain . 7 weeks one year never turned a tap . just filled from rain off the roof . or fonts .
but yes algarve is the best place for everyone . keep telling them to go there.
Stay in germany there are many free airs to stay at and you will not get ripped off
Yes, I was thinking of doing that but they have strange fishing laws. I do A LOT of fishing when away. Still, I'm not paying 30E a night staying on a packed site just so I can say I've visited Lake Bled etc !

Looks like it'll be France/Germany again with a night or 2 in Slovenia and Croatia, I have managed to track down a few aires via Campingcar infos.


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Hi use this site is good and shows you the sites . Hope it helps and have a safe journey. With regards to fishing in germany you have to pass a test to get a licence for fresh water dont know if it is required if you are a visitor just google german fishing clubs and make contact that way is probably the best.


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I like the smiley hpold any problems with you if I try and use it for a project I have in mind?
No go ahead have another design for the 365 meet , Aiki will have it that the big surprise will be sending it to him next week just to liven the meet up . Pm uncle Aiki when it he gets the goods then you can get things rolling .


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Foreigners dont need to do the fishing test (angelschein) but do have to have a local waterboard permit available at the town hall.Unfortunately most of the waters are club waters and without a bit of vitamin C (contacts)
not so easy to get on.The fly fishing rivers are for the most part together with an overnight in a pension to get a day card as is often the case in France and not cheap. I once looked in the net for fly fishing in Jura and the prices were sky high again most tied to an overnight in a pension.


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Not totally true it would appear that different states (Bundeslander) have different rules but type in "fly fishing in Germany" and look for the entry with toy town local it is an English site,
Thanks for that. I reckon I'll just get the rod out anyway if I can't get a holiday ticket from the Rathaus. It'll be coarse fishing anyway. In the past I've found smiling a lot and speaking lousy German/French etc get's me off the hook. Pun intended.:clap:

Fatima Saysell

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I've always been under the impression that the Algarve is wetter than SE Spain - any thoughts or comments on that, anyone?
Algarve, being on the Atlantic coast, is bound to get more rain than SE Spain on the Mediterranean. I grew up in Galicia, NW Spain and it is definitely NOT true that the rain in Spain usually stays on the plane. You go an tell that to any Galician; I dare you!!! Another myth. Those who believe that obviously haven't travelled further enough north west, but Portugal is very similar, although warmer in the south, of course.