Saga insurance


Does saga insurance gove automatic cover for Morocco.

i see it covers Europe for the length of the policy.

i just wonder for moroco, and whether it automatically covers or I need to request it


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used to be free then a few years ago they started charging about 15 quid.
seems to vary as a few friends are with them. might be value of m,home that changes things .


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You have to phone their customer services for Morocco cover, they will decide on an individual basis if they will cover you. No mention of a extra charge.
I have their new policy regulations and morroc is not on their covered list, it is a add on.


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Comfort charged me £35 for a green card for Morocco, was I robbed ? But then again, it was worth every penny, except for the last day !! In fact they are to blame for my fuel contamination incident, had they have refused to provide one then I wouldn't have gone and so would not have got fuel contamination or ended up back in Spain where, whilst waiting for it to be repaired, I ended up purchasing a Spanish property, my god they have got a lot to answer for :giggle: