Provision of public parking for Motorhomes like Aires.

Discussion in 'Fulltimer Association Projects' started by BARNYBG, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. vwalan

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    there are laws that should stop councils discriminating against m,homes although size can make it more difficult for the larger vehicles . first we must nudge the local councils to read the right interpretations and folow them through. changing things through legislation is a no. we have to guide the councils and let them make their decisions .
    as for anybody being rude here i think its not the case just high spirits . sounds worse over the net we dont get body language. takes along time to be calm collected in issues like this . wish i could get it right. but this sometimes is where we can go wrong . stand in court and watch a good barrister they usually get it right. but sometimes we can stand up make a point against the courts rules ,then say sorry afterwards .but we made the point a soliciter or barrister cant do it they get reprimanded . after all i,m only a common lorry driver . hee hee. we must think tread carefully but slowly put together sensible plans with answers to the questions they may ask, be there before they think of it. cheers alan.
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    Hi Barny
    On occasions you come over as a bit arrogent----------------BUT i feel sure that it's just your desire to get things changed --with a mass of enthusiam/emotion/impatience plus, I detect a hint of devils advocate ! !
    PLEASE keep your ideas/suggestions coming------there are not many other people trying to push boundries here, my problem is that I think we MAY make a mole-hill so don't even look to the sky ! ! ! (the opposite to you)
    Stick around ---we need all the help we can get.
    I am guilty of keeping a low profile---less chance of getting shot ! !
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    I find it quite disheartening that this appears to be another motorhome forum that endorses casual racism towards the gypsie and traveller communities. Which is ironic. It looks like it's been decided that they are all wrong un's. Now I'm not naive enough to think that there aren't a few bad eggs amongst them but surely in this day and age we are able to see bye that. Shouldn't we all be able to share the road together
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  4. fanofatan

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    WOW....7 years and still going strong, what a find LOL
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  5. Silver Drifter

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    ....well it was! I think your killer comment has caused its demise fanofatan.
    BTW I have a friend named Tan who drives a T3......are you a fan of hers or is it the tan produced by el sol?☺
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    I'm visiting a friend near Richards Castle near Ludlow (where I am now, parked up legally for the princely cost of £1.00 all day and free overnight!) As I did last time, and as I do with any other progressively thinking local council, I will email them thanking them for their foresight in welcoming tourists. The Appleshed cider (recommended to me by a local) was very good too hic....oops, sorry....
  7. AlaskaGuy

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    Just inputting on this ancient thread. The Dept for Communities & Local Government is the central government department that had a Private Members bill in Parliament that included a bit that might well have opened the door to this subject, but sadly, it got brushed aside in all the Brexit kerfuffle, election fiasco and new budget preparations. So that 10,000 signature petition, I believe, is now just like newspaper headlines wrapping afish supper.

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