I found this very nice spot some 8km to the west of Kołobrzeg - it has the Baltic Sea to the north and a lake to the south which was cut off from the sea during a storm some 500 years ago. During the Nazi period this place became a military airfield and it stayed that way under communism too. I don't know how much longer the location can be used as someone had apparently bought the site with a view to turning it into a paid parking area as it is in such a pleasant location.

This is Łomnice in the Karkonosze area of south west Poland, around 15km to the east of Jelenia Góra. On the day this film was made, there was a lot of traffic owing to the harvest festival but even so I managed to put the vehicle in a spot where we could have stayed without problems. Normally, one can park outside the palace, which seems to be empty and those that turn up in the shops would be glad of the company. In the summer I would not abuse the place by staying more than one night as there are a lot of tourists from Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany - although there is plenty of parking in the village for those that feel the need.



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