Pictures for the front page

I'm sure you have noticed the pictures that rotate on the front page. If you have any pictures that you think might fit nicely there, please let me know. Cheers
Why not use the avatars - as everyone get round to putting one on it will show the diversity of the vehicles / combinations that people fulltime in - most are distictive and different.


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Why not use the avatars - as everyone get round to putting one on it will show the diversity of the vehicles / combinations that people fulltime in - most are distictive and different.
Would be a good idea if the avatars were pictures of their current RV, the problem is several members are ex- full timers and some are potential full timers.


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Hi Mick
I can't really see a problem with showing 'old' fulltiming units---maybe it would add an extra bit of interest in seeing what others have used to fulltime in in the past (it MAY, however lead casual viewers to believe that WE are CURRENTLY using what could be a bit old and rough looking,-----some of us are getting on a bit, and fulltimed a long time ago):cool:---------------- Peace man;):D


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Just tried to download a picture of one of our old rigs (circa 1984) but couldn't scan the picture properly - told you we are old farts - so have just renewedour avatar with our present outfit.


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Sorry, the picture is a bit blurred, but gives you some idea of our third rig which we fulltimed in for four years from 1982 to 1986 - a 1963 Bedford Duple converted coach.


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Your right you are old farts:D
If you do use pictures of your rig..............
1. ALWAYS remember to blank out reg plates (cloning)
2. Bear in mind that pictures of your rig on a site like this make it easier for the "penpushers" to identify you.
Paranoid?...........quite probably, but until "they" decide to play fair with honest, hardworking taxpayers like me, I will treat "them" with the suspicion & distain they deserve!
Uhmmm ... I don't live in my face (or maybe I do!!)
:):) Fair comment maybe I should have said send in photos of our rigs - my reasons were simple - visitors to the site who wonder if its possible and how big an outfit do I need would get some ideas from actual full timers though - I take Zaskars point though any indication of reg numbers should be removed for security however if you are determined to avoid detection the last thing you should do is have a distinctive rig - although 5'ers are getting a shade more common they still attract interest where ever you go and if I wanted to avoid being noticed i should have picked a different tug - as far as I can find out there are only about 4 landys pulling 5'ers in the UK and the number of PM's I get saying 'spotted' even when I dont have the 5'er on the back is amazing

John and Joan

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What year was she Nigel & Pamala.

I ran the cut down version, a 29 seat Duple Bedford as a PSV coach. The chassis was if I remember correctly a C4 which was the cut down version of the SB. It was Petrol when I got it and I later put a 330 cu in Diesel in.


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Hi John
I don't have a clue what model it was, but SB sounds familiar, it was 30 ft, don't know how many seats it had, most were out when we bought it, it was a 300 cu in diesel with a 2 speed back axle. We used to run 50-60mph and used to get 23 mpg.
one year, on our way to Portugal we put a rod through the side:( -----we located a s/h engine, hired a pickup to collect it --------and changed it in a clearing beside the road:D we were near Milton Keynes and the mud under the bus was part mud/part ice ----the snow was blowing underneath---------fingers were FREEZING. We had no idea of the history of the 'new' engine-----fitted it----- and continued to Algarve. We hired a skip and dumped all the dead bits in it--------apart from oil-stain NO sign we had been there:)
The 300 engine was really cheap ---but the 330 was expensive because they were exported.