Discussion in 'Fulltimer Chat' started by sundowners, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. sundowners

    sundowners Well-Known Member

    Some of you older members on here will remember pat & Neil, today we heard that they managed to tip their truck (ex German army 4x4) over in south America, they are ok and as far as we can gather the truck is up and running???
    If you want to see their blog it is ' cloud 9 on tour'-------- if they didn't have bad luck, they would have no luck !!!!
    We wish them well, and that they can finish their trip without any more major issues !!!
    Nigel & Pamala
  2. Easyliving

    Easyliving Active Member

    I read the 'cloud 9' account of their crash, glad all seems to be well now. Amazing the distances involved and how kind and helpful people can be.

  3. vwalan

    vwalan Well-Known Member

    the more you travel the more you find the human race can be kind ,helpfull and willing . once out of the western culture it gets even better.
    its a totally different way to live and think.
    the west as we know it knock other cultures because they dont know whats going on in the real world .
    but glad they are ok and lets hope they have a real special memory to live on for ever.
  4. Jim

    Jim Admin

    Glad to read they were OK. Those trucks with the pods sat so high on them always look a little top heavy to me. The COG on that truck looks particularly high.
  5. alf&m

    alf&m Active Member

    Sorry to read about the incident, pleased that all is Ok with both,so when you have contact again please send our wishes and a pleasant further tour with no mishaps..

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