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Back to one of our favourite spots, we found 11years ago so brought back some wonderful memory's, regards Alf &Marianne. 20170530_095545.jpg
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looks very nice .
mind high trees block solar alot .
cant have every thing . have a good one .


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That's looks like it is not soo far from your place Alf --------it is so typical of Sweden (or maybe Norway???)
Do you reckon you will be able to head South in the foreseeable future, we won't be your way for a while--------- it will be great to catch up with you both and share a beverage or three again!!
Nigel & Pamala


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We are hoping to in the not too distance future ,hoping soon to do 6months here in sweden and 6months south Europe, was thinking about you all and this place is your cup of tea,lovely crystal water and not a sole in sight,except the caretaker came down last evening and ask us if we would like to look in side so as you do,we did and took pics and got all the info on the place,the water made a cracking cuppa and was a good complement to a shot of whiskey, only one mind,he he,take care both and and the little one,love Alfand Marianne. 20170529_171525.jpg