One more and thats 50


50 members in a day, chuffed,:) it will be nice to be at 200 by Christmas, then we can start being pro-active in the new year:cool:


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Jim ,

Been reading some of the reaction on other sites and they seem to be some concerns that once the site is well established it will become like others and start and charge? It may be worth stating now what your intentions are.



People will say what they will. :)If I say that I won't charge, they will say I said that before about Fun, so its hardly worth bothering :)
All I can say is that this site has been set up with no other intention than I have already expressed. To band together as many full timers as possible to give power to our elbow. I could have easily done this just on Fun, but that would have excluded a lot of fulltimers who do not want to pay subs as well as those who's allegiance lies with other forums who's webmasters would not allow the links pointing back here.

This is going to be a small niche site, it will be a very quiet forum and is not a threat to any other forum site. It will incur no real costs apart from our (not my) time. It will soon have an elected committee, voted on by the members who will ultimately decide the future of this association and the action that it takes. I do not see us incurring any real costs therefore I consider it extremely unlikely that the association asks for a subscription., That said I would not want to speak for an as yet unelected committee.