News Flash keep clear of Tunisia


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Hi just off the press .
Two Britons are feared dead after gunmen stormed a museum in Tunisia today, killing eight people and taking another 30 hostage. Seven of those killed have been confirmed as foreigners. It is believed several hundred people may have fled the museum, while between 20 and 30 are still hostages. Pictures emerged on social media claiming to show some of those trapped inside (above). Three gunmen are said to have secured the museum, armed with Kalshnikovs and grenades
Any one there keep away .


I know Morocco is a lovely country and the people are generally very friendly but ISIS is a poison that is spreading quite quickly throughout North African. There is very little any of these governments can do to protect targets such as western tourists so I'll be giving the whole of North Africa a miss.


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One of the problems in such Countries is that 'Western Europeans' stand out in the crowd, easy targets. They on the other hand blend in with the crowd !! Bit like the days of the IRA troubles, until they spoke they just blended in It's getting very difficult now in Europe with a wide multi-cultural population. However, you cannot live in fear all your life so staying away from high risk areas is an option as is staying observant and vigilent and staying away from places where Westerners congregate.


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Well I got it before the news went out and was just a warning for our 365ers out there some where .


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I remember the Manchester bombings but it didnt stop people shopping in the city center. Shit can happen anywhere you are just kowtowning to terrorism by avoiding a on the whole safe country by avoiding it. Here in Morocco you are probably safer from theft and violence than in Spain or Britain. What gets up my nose here are the Europeans walking round in distinctly un appropriate dress for a Muslim country,probably the same people who at home complain about the wearing of the Burka and headscarf. If you are not prepared to when in Rome do as the Romans do then stay at home. There are around 20,000 French motorhomers here every winter and then the Germans,Dutch and a smattering of the more adventurous Brits. Scaremongers are on the whole uninformed
and have never been to the countries they talk about,inform yourself ,contact the British embassy and enquire as to the current situation instead of some wanna be journalist out to make a name.Big Momma has it right be vigilant , be aware and avoid confrontation but dont kowtow or the terrorists have won the day.


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having been to tunisia a few times i would say its friendlier than morocco and certainly ok.
was thinking of going next year. not as warm as maroc but certainly very nice.
i was there just a couple of weeks before uk and usa went into kuwait.
actually got arrested for taking pics of military vehicles .i didnt realize i was outside the pla head quarters in tunis at the time . ended up they took the film out and let us go. having two kids that spoke a few languages and abit of arabic took some explaining . there was lots of actvity at the time . think they knew what was going to happen , i didnt.
went back a few years later and its certainly still on my list of places to revisit, could join up while there inshallah .