N roads in france


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Hi 365ers can any one tell me what is the weight limit max to drive national roads in france,thank you all in advance for any advice ,regards Alf.
I don't think there is weight limit on n roads, i've been using them for many years now and have seen the same class of vehicle as there is on the autoroute system. Don't forget though, there are some restrictions going through some towns, usually 3.5 tons

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I drive through France 4 times a year, and apart from a couple of local weight restrictions (as mentioned 3.5 tons usually) there doesn't seem to be an issue. I've driven through villages in Normandy convinced I shouldn't be there, only to look in my mirror and see a 42 seater tourist coach bearing down on me!!☺


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A lot of main roads have a lower speed limit for vehicles over 3.5 t (some is trucks, others anything over 3.5)------------- but that shouldn't affect you !!!!!!!!-------------- I believe they are trying to get us to use the toll roads !!!!!!!!
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Thank you all for your comments ,duly taken on board, thanks and safe travels to you All ! Regards Alf

Are you planning an escape from your great land!!!!!!????????
Are you likely to make Portugal?????
We are trying to arrange are return to (maybe) the best motorhome friendly country!!!!!!!!!, But not this year!!!!!
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Hi lovely to hear from you both! No just going to escape the snow seasons for sunnier climbs ,and coming back for the summers here! As always your more than welcome to come here! and we can do some travels together! We have found more comfortable parking places ,I asked the question on N roads as I read that N roads were restricted to 3.5t, I know when we were on our travels through france a few moons ago in the winters then the French used to put weight restrictions called baria degels, so I might of read the article wrongly, but it always good to Claryfi with you all ,before we get the blue light shining on us,we hope this note finds you both well and taking care and Mr zippy is keeping you on ya toes, hope to see you real soon ,all our best Wishes Alf and Marianne XX
We use the smaller roads in France a fair bit and you do sometimes see 3.5t limit signs (as others have mentioned, usually in towns and villages) however as our van isn't much over that we just ignore them!


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The 3.5 ton weight limit signs generally have a truck painted on them as well. I am a motorhome, not a truck so would always argue the point. We stopped using motorways, toll or otherwise in Europe a long time ago and set the sat nag accordingly.


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avoid tolls ,motorways and duall carriageways . only use the smaller roads . drive into as many villages as you can ,smile and wave at the locals .
mind we are getting more childish every year . and children arent allowed to play on busy roads .
find the best water taps and fonts in the little villages .


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Thanks all for your input, we are fully aware how to save by not using the A roads, in most Europe and eastern block countrys as once was , I was asking the question as we are possible moving up to a 10tonner,as knowing the French police, they not need much to give a pull to have a nice earner, so thanks again .all the best Alf.