Motorhoming full time the realities

Wendy Woo

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Seriously thinking of selling the house putting the money in the bank and disappear into the sunset in our motorhome. The longest we have been away in mh is 3 weeks. I'm sure living in for longer will have its pros and cons. I know many of you on this forum are experiencing this way of life at the moment and would appreciate your honest views on how you have found it?


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Hi Wendy,it depends how you want to go into the sunset!! Many people are living their idea of fulltiming in differing ways.
We thought it through properly regarding our van and have evolved over the last couple of years to how we live today.
We live 365 in our vehicle and don't pay to stay anywhere when abroad.In the u.k we do use the cheap C.l sites for a fiver or under. It takes a certain kind of person to live 365 on the road but after 2.5 years doing it I wouldn't want to live in any other way.Best thing we ever did. Make sure you have a plan b though as it's not for everyone!!


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hi, welcome .
hard to say really .
lots things can change ideas.
is house payed for?
is it where you would like to return?
can you park m,home at the house?
should you downsize first?
is your m,home going to cope with the weight of fulltiming . ?
will you carry m,bikes ,cycles ?
have you got over 3.5 ton driving licences . ?
would a truck/bus conversion work better for you?
have you an address for vehicle reg etc ?
thousands more to answer , but have a good look on past threads its always around .
i decided even back as a teenager best have a base but travel as and when you want . works for me .
have fun though what ever you decide. there,s a big world out there but its definitely getting smaller going by the amount of m,homes out there.


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There are lots of things to consider and one of the important factors is the willingness to be flexible, you may start out with some sort of an idea on what you want to do, where you want to go etc. but sometimes things happen that make you change the direction you thought you were going in, that is not a bad thing, in fact it is very much part of the adventure. Have you given any thought to what impact 'Brexit' may have on your plans ? There are pro's and con's in all walks of life, nothing is perfect, but if you don't go and do it you may regret it, just think things through, there are no such things as 'problems' these are just 'solutions' waiting to be discovered.

You may be better asking yourself questions, 'What if', then perhaps you can ask how others deal with them :thumb:

Pinball Wizard

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The realities of full time living.

I don’t think you can really prepare for it.

You might buy all the kit, solar, generator etc etc.


For instance, who would have thought people wouldn’t be able to find LPG, for their tank’s as has happened recently.

You have to be adaptable.

We all have EVOLVED, into doing it our own way.

Years ago I thought busking would support me. No, it didn’t.

So I am still evolving.

Putting the money in the bank, that’s a no no. Investing it, yes!

Lock the house up and go for it, for 6 months or a year, see how you like it.

However, 2 people living in close proximity, no matter how well you get on, after a week of rain, can drive each other potty!

As one lady, year’s ago, said to me.

Go have your own adventure!


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I wonder why we bother wasting our energy responding. :(

Pinball Wizard

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As far as I am concerned, as long as there is interest in the Forum that is a good thing.
I try to promote this Forum on Facebook groups, as I often read people suggesting thing’s, which often they have no idea IF actually work.

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Today for instance, house sitting doesn’t pay!
I beg to differ but can’t be bothered to discuss it, as I know a lady, possibly two, that do well out of it.
Redecorating whilst the owner is away, and being paid for it.

Pinball Wizard

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At the moment as I write.
No I am not, but if you look at my profile, I THINK I have explained.
Once again another house is for sale.
I too have changed.
I originally started full timing 20 near 30 years ago. Initially it was to save money, not so much to travel.
I met Dick Tracey on his first year of full timing. I used to know Bert and Antoinette, at that time, I was busking as a clown living in a mobile library. A Bedford PFK travelling through Spain, I thought I could earn enough to support myself and my then partner, I couldn’t.
Through life I have had to reinvent myself.
From Site warden, toilet cleaner, offshore worker etc etc
Now to earn money I live in my motorhome and renovate house’s.
I got lucky!
I buy houses at auction, do them up then up and sell them and move on.
So once this house is sold, I will be fulltime again. My Hymer is in the garage having issues sorted as I text.
Ask the same question in a month or two and the answer will be yes again!


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My advice would be rent the house for a year and take a years trip to see how you like it if that's at all possible. That way you don't burn your bridges back home. I suspect you need the sale of the house to buy the motorhome with though?