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Read the forum on and off for awhile now, so thought I'd join in. We ( hubbie and I) travel in self build camper. This is our third self build after two old VDubbs.Started out as campers/backpackers/back of car campers, small cans, etc.but needs for more space, bed off the ground, etc! Travelled to Spain in '80s and just loved the country. Never visit big towns( well Salamanca and Cadiz once) usually one every ? years. Drove past Granada last year and OH said ' Granada ticked'! One day maybe? Read some interesting things on this site so perhaps time to join in..


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hi,welcome .
big towns are just big towns . i like driving through them . use a compass and say just head north .or south etc . can be fun. dont need to actually know where your going just head in the decided direction. mind we say no toll roads, no motorways ,avoid dual carriageways and enjoy the little villages along the way.
have lots of fun and smile ,be happy and enjoy the journey , how far you get could be just a few miles or lots more . doesnt matter so long as your happy.
but join in let us know more about your travels .
never know you might actually know a few on here .
cheers alan.


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Thanks for your welcome. Can't find van photo at moment, but this was taken next to the van in NW Spain.
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