Many of the motorway service areas in Italy have dedicated areas for camper vans. This is the best I have seen so far. As you can see it has a special place for camper vans to park as well as a place to dump your grey water and to fill up with fresh water. It is clearly suggested that you can dump your black water here, not that I would hope anyone on this forum would do so although in other places I noticed evidence that other people may have done that. After you have dumped your grey water, the device gets sterilised. This one works, unfortunately most do not.

Next to the Polish military cemetery at Monte Cassino there is a car park where I left my van for nearly one week. Water is available from a fountain opposite the (paid) car park for Monte Cassino abbey. There is tremendous walking in the hills above and around Monte Cassino which were also the battlefields of 1944. The below film, although an analysis of the battle of Monte Cassino does actually show the car park. The problem is that any food needs to be bought in the town of Cassino which may seem close on the map but is in fact 8km away along the winding road. So make sure you stock up on food before going there.

On the motorway heading towards Salerno and right next to the town of San Giuseppe Vesuviano in the shadow of the volcano Vesuvius we have this motorway service place. This was my favourite as I had internet here although the weather was awful in December. The police came round on day three and asked if I were OK as they had already seen me the previous day. I thanked them, asked them in for a coffee but they declined. They said I could stay as long as I wanted. Other than look at the volcano there was not much to do so I moved on!

Pizzo is an increasingly popular tourist destination for people from the UK and Scandinavia. It has a number of real estate projects which are marketed to foreigners and I am sure it is very nice in season - and out of it for the most part. I arrived during a storm in December and you can hear the wind. But look at the location for my camper van! You would not be able to stay in this spot in July and August but for the rest of the year it seems to be OK. It was a short walk up to the town - there were public fountains nearby if you don't mind lugging your water a couple of hundred metres.

This is what camper van living is all about in Briatico, Calabria! Here I have found a wonderful place to park in a superb setting. Peaceful and quiet, the few people I meet are very friendly and I had a couple of great bike rides along the coast. There was a supermarket and shops in easy walking distance. I even had access via my dongle to high speed internet! When I left I regretted going, but as you shall see later, I found an even better location later!

This is Sant'alessio Siculo on the Sicilian coast, around 40km south of Messina. It is close to the town of Forza d'Agro where parts of all three Godfather films were made. I asked the police if I could park here and the lady said that they had better things to do than to go around chasing after camper van owners. I have also posted a very nice film showing dawn on the Ionian Sea filmed from my van on this spot!



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have you had spitefull remarks?must have been last winter .
did you complain?
jim is a stickler for us getting on together.


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Hope it wasnt something i said alan.:sweating:
I did look at your latest updates 2 days ago on u-tube and was sad to hear of your woes with the insurance company and british police .Your latest report i saw saw you buying a new van with loads of work to do on it.I hope they find the bastards who stole the hymer.Sometimes when down and in the humdrum of the 9 to 5 i do like to see your road trips it keeps us going whilst stuck at home.
Would be nice to see you back on here but dont get offended by anyone on here it is in much jest,even vwalan takes it in jest:thumb:


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Get stuffed you stupid old goat.:thumb::thumb:

Joking aside we sold a bed and standing light yesterday,a sink today,and our 3 piece suite goes on sunday after we were left a deposit.The 2nd boot sale made us a few shillings last weekend.I can see us living in a house devoid of possessions very soon we will be sleeping and sitting on the floor ha ha.
Finished the coaches boot off today and have had a fellow come around to sort the door out.The door now opens and closes electrically without the need for the ignition being on which was the only way of opening up.Just need to set it up now so i can unlock and open from the outside.Then i am going to smarten the look of the door and insulate it and then most is finished then.
Just loads of finishing jobs to do then.:thumb:


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thanks a goat. thats nice been called alot worse.
but you forgot you have to be nice to me i am the count from roche . so kneel and say sorry.
are you still a pheasant plucker?


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are you still taking the drugs:p:p


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no . dont take any now .
stopped them while away last winter .
the good news with my throat made it even better . might have to start taking pain killers as the autumn starts again . but hopefully i wont .
but ideally the two best places to be are portugal or italy . i guess every one should go to either of them . best not go where i,m going as i always go to the wrong place . ha ha .
but you can stay here . and alki etc . there are too many folk abroad . you stay here and guard the fort . hee hee .