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I am in Morocco. I have taken out the border insurance. I return to Europe the 25 march 2019, which my MOROCCO insurance covers.

May main European insurance runs out this month.

Next month when my direct debit comes out for my road tax, will they get excited because I have no valid UK insurance.

Any one experience this.

As soon as I get back to Europe , I will be taking new insurance out.

I could and want to take out a new policy here, but I have to call and from Morocco it will cost a fortune

Or could I leave it for a month of not being UK insured.


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Never come across this before!!---- but unless DVLA have record of your insurance they will not tax your van AFAIK -----obviously you need current MOT as well.
Maybe if you insure it in Gibraltar DVLA will know???


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I usually renew the van's road tax online, very simple process. I agree with @sundowners though - I'm pretty sure they check to make sure your vehicle is insured (and MOT'd) before they sell you the road tax.



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They won't tax it as you have no UK insurance.
Why can't you insure it (uk) on line the day before the tax is due. It will then show up "insurerd" and DVLA will continue with the direct debit.
I am assuming you have online banking.
If not you will have to set up a new direct debit .
Looking at the dates you give you will lòose up to 3 weeks on the policy.


Sounds good idea. I will. The vans mot,d and the tax is taken each month on the first. So will find insurance, but as I'm in Morocco , finding one that I can do on line with either 365 cover or 9 months euro cover is difficult.


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I just filled out the online saga one as my cover is up soon
Got a quote of £308 but can't take it out today because it's over 30 days away... watch the dates.
£102 of that price was for full eu has me thinking as I was with saga years ago but they got very expensive..? If you don't have a postcode address dont bother filling it in as they wont cover you.


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As has already been stated, for a UK registered vehicle, you need to have your vehicle insured with a UK company to renew your road tax. However, if you apply whilst you still have Insurance, even a month, then you should still be able to get your vehicle taxed if you do it on-line as the legal requirement for obtaining road tax is that at the time of applying to tax the vehicle it must be insured, which, if you still have a month of valid UK insurance complies with that requirement.