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Discussion in 'Fulltimer's Motorhomes' started by Dunroamin, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. Dunroamin

    Dunroamin Well-Known Member

    Having again been invited by Brits for a coffee and Ms immediately saying "sorry we only have instant".I dont know if I just look like someone who drinks real coffee or they say that to everyone.I have never asked. I dont drink much coffe but Heike does and reckons cup for cup real is cheaper. There is a huge variety of flavours and prices and different ways to prepare it,Bodum,paper filters,Espresso cans etc.An English friend,well travelled told us that the Nescafe blends were different dependant on which part of the world you were in.The reason Brits are tea drinkers is because your government in the past made a huge import tax on coffee to protect their tea growing colonies most of which were run by establishment people.The opposite is true of the Mainland European countries whose colonies were coffee producers. Most of the large financial and insurance companies started their lives in the coffee shops in the City of London.
    On another topic.We had a British woman on her own with moho and she had a dog,not one of your handbag accessory dogs that seem to be popular with the motorhoming community but a proper dog.On asking what kind of dog it was she replied 'a Rumanian rescue dog".I asked what it rescued only to be told it didnt rescue anything,she rescued the dog. Oh were you in Rumania? No I got it in Britain where a group of animal lovers bring them from Rumania. I thought how very charitable of them and she said she paid 500 pounds for it. Well it would appear that Spanish and Greek beach dogs are no longer "in". And we now import our strays from Eastern Europe.
  2. vwalan

    vwalan Well-Known Member

    could be that instant coffee is prefered in uk so the price of it is less than say spain . in lidls in uk 1.49 pounds buys 200grams . its dearer in spain ,i think you will find .
    but i know having worked for two of the uks biggest supermarkets that coffee like sold in spain etc doesnt sell that well in uk. instant does and thats why its cheaper . the shops can buy lots of it and buy it cheap to sell cheap.
    personaly i have never liked the black euro way of coffee . all my life have never liked the horrible spanish french or german etc way of drinking coffee .
    instant for me much nicer .i c.tainly wouldnt be sorry thats all i have , if you dont like instant then drink water ,hee hee
    yes nescafe etc do differ the taste depending on where or what country you are in . but thats the same with lots of things , mars bars differ depending on the country.
    and yes the tea companies were british and yes uk controlled tea etc .
    mind when uk had its empire we controlled lots of things . most empire countries could only import things from uk . be it food cars clothes etc . uk took what the country grew or had then made things in uk then forced empire countries to buy it.
    new zealand lamb was only ever bought through uk for many years . uk controlled it all.
    were ever you were in the world if you bought new zealand lamb uk got a share of the profit . or very often all of the profit .
    mind i dont like or drink tea . horrible drink.
    as for spain and its wild dogs , they used to collect them up and very often ex pats looked after them . but now they just collect them up in spain and kill them . if its not marked kill it . marion the german lady in la linea still has several ex wild dogs . and doug a uk ex pat used to have quite a large wild dog kennels in tavernes , mind he isnt around now and his finca he rented is now the aire in tavernes .
    but there isnt the wild dog packs running around these days like there used to be .
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  3. BwB

    BwB Well-Known Member

    Less import duty on Romanian dogs since the 2015 Dalmatian Convention :)
  4. vwalan

    vwalan Well-Known Member

    well spotted on that one.
    hope your not barking up the wrong tree though, ha ha .
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  5. chrisjones18

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    Alan, there is a large dog center/home in La Linea. Not far from my daughters house.
    We always take a few large sacks of food there when we visit.
    They never put any dog to sleep, there are quite a few there.

    Used to love coffee though have gone off it and no idea why. Even gave my Gagia machine away.
  6. vwalan

    vwalan Well-Known Member

    well i know marion a german lady i know used to be given stray dogs to look after , she was friends of the marie at the time and they brought stray dogs to her place . she had quite a few . lived out punta mala way.
    there used to be wild /stray dogs running around in packs for years . then the disc and collar rule came out and if the dog didnt have them the dog got took away.
    mind things change . havnt been la linea for awhile . used to spend a few weeks there when going maroc but as i decided to miss maroc dont get that far these days .

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