How many Motorhomes in the UK

Discussion in 'Under the Awning' started by John and Joan, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. John and Joan

    John and Joan Well-Known Member

    Thanks to Vicarious Books for the info below.

    Motor Caravan registered in UK

    In total on the 31st December 2010 173,348
    30th September 2011 176,938 including SORN
    30th September 2012 is 202,216 plus 25,127 SORN total 227,343
    DVLA have been registering on average 9,000 new Motor Caravans per year during the period.

    At last some figures for the number of motor caravans in the UK. We have 800 on this forum. There must be many more full-timing.

  2. BwB

    BwB Well-Known Member

    Interesting figures. According to reports in the motorhome magazines the number of new sales over the past three years has dropped significantly. Does this mean that people are importing more second hand vehicles(?) as the DVLA figures clearly show an almost 30% increase in registrations from 2011 to 2012 which is massive (in an industry which normally measures increases at a fraction of that (as per the 12010/11 figure given, even though it's not quiet a full year)).

    Or has how the registrations are recorded been changed?

    Still, if only 1% of those were full timers...
  3. aikidoamigo

    aikidoamigo Well-Known Member

    Does that include people registering with the DVLA a second hand purchase / change of ownership.... I suspect it does.

    Therefore new sales decreasing and second hand purchases increasing maybe.

    Seems a huge jump 11-12 compared to the year before
  4. Firefox

    Firefox New Member

    I reckon most of those are parked up most of the time on drives doing a a handful of outings a year.

    You only need to look at the mileages on 2nd hand sales. 15,000k on a ten year old van etc. What a waste! I'm convinced many people buy them to display on the drive as a status symbol...
  5. John and Joan

    John and Joan Well-Known Member

    Hi Aiki

    The registration of a vehicle is a one off. Registration occurs when a new vehicle gets its number or when an import gets a UK reg No. Change of ownership is not a registration.

    Vehicles are de-registered on export or scrapping

  6. Merle

    Merle Well-Known Member

    Our motorhome is low mileage, it was when we bought it 2nd hand and in the 4 years we have had it we haven't had the opportunity to make any extended trips. We still enjoy it, we consider it to be one of the best purchases we ever made and I consider it an insult to say it is a status symbol. Not everyone is in a position to travel for extended periods, that does not make their freedom of choice wrong. Personally I could not justify a 5 bedroom house or a 40grand car, but many do, their choice. Be careful when you generalise.....some of us old buggers bite
  7. Firefox

    Firefox New Member

    Well, I said "many people" ... that does not necessarily include you, so how you seemingly come to the conclusion that it does, escapes me. The fact remains there are many new and almost new motorhomes sitting on drives doing 1 or 2 thousand miles per year.

    Considering the depreciation involved, the decision does not make financial sense. Therefore the only logical conclusion (apart from sudden ill health, which does happen occasionally) is that the purchase was made as a show of wealth on the front drive and a status symbol. Not that I'm even saying this is "wrong". It's their free choice to spend their money like that. But it is waste, and it is a status symbol. There's no denying hard facts ;)
  8. coolasluck

    coolasluck Well-Known Member

    a bit like boats being parked up on driveways:D

    I would agree with firefox in many ways,we have 2 motorhomes so make of that what you want,thinking of having a statue of myself in bronze next week,that should get the neighbours chattering:rofl:
  9. Merle

    Merle Well-Known Member

    Your choice of words, but I consider you to be wrong. Don't like people who generalise, country would be a better place if politicians and authorities stopped doing it. We are all individuals, because a motorhome stands on a drive does not make the owner wrong.....and any way, if you are using yours so much how do you know they are left standing
  10. Merle

    Merle Well-Known Member

    Yeh, I gonna call it Supreme pinus errectus
  11. coolasluck

    coolasluck Well-Known Member

    yes merle you heard right and its going to be a biggun;)

    Well ive had my dinner and its now time to get back into the coach,had an upholsterer around today and we have commisioned him to do the work for us now,so in about 4 weeks time we shall have something nice to sit on;),then in june we should have the gas tank and all work done so its slowly getting there:thumb:
  12. Merle

    Merle Well-Known Member

    You be careful coola. Here in town they put up a piece of so called artwork in Wote Street. Just a piece of stone, local name is Willy on Wote Street.....mind they dont call you coolas aprick :)
  13. Firefox

    Firefox New Member

    I never it was "wrong." I said it was a waste (which it is, if they don't use it much) and a status symbol (which it is for some). My Uncle used to have a large caravan on his drive which he used about twice a year. He was loaded. I remember my Dad asking about it, and the reply was his wife liked the look of it, they used it for an annual holiday, and "everyone's got them round here" LOL.

    (I know they are left standing because I travel round a lot and the same ones are always there on the drives. They never move even most weekends! It's motorhoming 365... but on the front drive ;) )
  14. Merle

    Merle Well-Known Member

    BM has 50k's worth of outfit which has made very few wheel turns this year, he will be delighted to know he only has it as a status symbol. Aiki has spent a lot of money on an outfit he would dearly be able to use more...he too will be pleased to know it's a status symbol. As I said, one size does not fit all
  15. Pollik

    Pollik Active Member

    Hi Vernon - I thought I would find you here !!:coffee:

    I think quite a few people also buy them with every intention of using them, but keep getting sidetracked for one reason or another. Then they hang on to it because they convince themselves they will, they WILL, get out and about again, maybe not this year, but next. And next year never comes.

    I'm sure some do do it to flaunt wealth, like adding a swimming pool that never gets used, but my guess would be most get used, perhaps not to full value, but they get used. When I had a caravan, I found that my weekend usage dropped off over the years...I had been to all the places and there was not much left to attract me. My MH is 28ft beasty and I use it less as a way to to see places and more as a way of living. I keep my daily mileage down and wander around the country, any country by travelling on average less than 25 miles a day. It took me two months to reach the south of would have been less time, but I stopped off in La Rochelle for a week and half.

    Everyone enjoys their MH in the way that suits them. If they want to throw money at them just for the alleged status, s'up to them, innit? It just means that someone is going to get a pristine bargain when they do decide to sell!!
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  16. Firefox

    Firefox New Member

    I don't think you bothered to read what I actually wrote. "Many" or even most does not mean "All".
  17. Firefox

    Firefox New Member

    Hi Polly, nice to see you. I thought I would check it out - same people as on all the other forums ;)
  18. pelmetman & pelmetlady

    pelmetman & pelmetlady Well-Known Member

    Our campers 23 years old..........with 62k on the clock..........we've had it since it was 18 months old, with 1800 miles on the clock:D.............and its done more miles in the last 3 years than the previous 20:rofl:
  19. Firefox

    Firefox New Member

    Mine is 6 years old and has 101,000 on the clock. I built the caravan bit myself and it had 65,000 when I bought the van at 3 years old. I've added the other 36,000 in three years. :D
  20. pelmetman & pelmetlady

    pelmetman & pelmetlady Well-Known Member

    Any pictures?;)..................

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