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    I am not new to fulltime living, although as I text, I now live once again in a house.
    The house is for sale though and once again I will be living in my motorhome.
    A Hymer 584, towing a trailer, with my toys!
    30 years probably, off and on, I have been living in vehicle’s, mainly to live cheaply.
    I used to backpack too in winter, when finances allowed, buy or rent a motorbike sometimes. South East Asia is nice in winter.
    As is Australia and New Zealand.
    Well that’s enough of a introduction from me.
  2. vwalan

    vwalan Well-Known Member

    hello and welcome .look forward to your tales of adventure.
    its a big world out there getting smaller every year.
    but the more i see abroad its like when i come back i see more in uk.
    have a good one.
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  3. BigMomma

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    Welcome to the mad house :giggle:
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  4. chrisjones18

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    Hello and welcome :thumb:

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