Hi Chris and Jayne here...


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Wife and I will be going 365 in a few weeks, so I was wondering if any other members are survivalists? My wife and I have been into survival for a few years now and have been looking forward to the relative luxury of a MH!


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Welcome to the forum :thumb: What do you mean by the term 'survivalists' ? I understand trying to live a minimalistic and economical lifestyle but am curious as to what you mean by a survivalist lifestyle or wether this is just your terminology for the same thing ;)

Would be nice to know a little more about your intentions and the type of Motorhome you will be fulltiming in, where do you plan to travel ? Is this a long term commitment or are you just taking a year or two out ? Are you keeping a 'bolt hole' or have you sold up completely ? Have you spent much time in a Motorhome previously ? Sorry for all the questions but just trying to discover how much information (Advice, guidance, exchange of ideas etc) that you may be looking for :thumb:


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hi welcome. you can live a luxury lifestyle in a m,home.
mind better to have a truck conversion. easier to park etc.
plus you can carry more toys etc to play with.
have fun ,ask away ,lots of banter as well. hee hee. cheers alan.


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Hi and welcome :thumb:
I guess you mean to survive on nothing that needs buying.... not for me I'm afraid.
Plenty of food around the forest of dean .... boar and deer but I would soon get fed up of that. Don't get caught with them as the forestry commission think they are all theirs....
I think your lifestyle will be a hard one in all ways.. Though I would love to be proved wrong..
I find if a job to survive on the UK state pension....but that's another story.