Happy New Year to everyone!


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Although I do visit this site quite often i haven't posted for ages, time to put that right. The wife and I are still fulltiming in our van, nearly 2 years this time.

We were supposed to be in Spain for the Winter, had the ferry booked etc but we couldn't go alas.

Hope everyone has a happy and healthy 2019.



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hi, same to you and have a good one.
never mind summer will be here soon.
already there is fresh green plants growing in the hedge rows, the gorse on the moors round here are getting full of yellow flowers looks great.
look for the nice things , there are lots out there.


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Happy New Year
We are in West Wales at present (cold and wet don't let anyone tell you different) though will be back in Gloucester with family for the new year.
Sat in the New Inn car park at Amroth at present after a few nights at Pembroke Dock,(cheers keith) but leaving tomorrow.
Devon and Cornwall until Easter then France,
Happy New year to all


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well if your in cornwall call in. usually a place in the drive for visitors.
might be in for a shock if you do . today i noticed daffodils are sprouting in my front garden.
plus the front hedge on the pavement side will need a good trim soon.
fresh growth of undergrowth etc .
i hope it doesnt get really cold as its nice to see the fresh green .
had a nice blue sky for awhile today but then the clouds were back.
could see the sea over newquay way though from the local hilltops.
glad i live here , the scenery is great.


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Hi everyone happy New year! Just come back from a ride round north end of Cotswolds bit fresh on the scoot but 12c with dry roads not too bad


Ah well, rather like the OP don’t post much, 18 months in the van, no house, happy New Year to you all.. On an aire at the moment, back to the farm next week.


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Happy New Year!!
At cullera for a few days going slowly south.
All the best for 2019


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Happy New Year to all. Did have the motor home but gave it up to ill health and loss of my partner of 17 happy yars last year . All the best for 2019 and just do it later is too late .


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hi, nice to hear your ok.
never know you might decide to get a smaller weekend style camper and get about.
mazda bongo or something .
but good to hear from you, have fun. cheers alan


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HNY to all
can't remember the last time I posted, been busy doing up a house to sell and now doing another to live in


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well its good to see another return.
what you been upto etc.
this year seems to be bringing lots of past folk back again. smile and have a good one.


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how's it going Alan,
decided to retire after getting a few stents fitted after a heart attack in Bulgaria...and failing a couple of medicals for offshore
fantastic treatment in the Hospital in Sofia, absolutely spot on
I was 3/4 of the way through building a house when all that happened, so finishing that off and selling took a bit longer than expected
moved back into my old house...which was the plan, but maybe not as quick, so now I'm doing a bit of 'remodelling' bathroom, kitchen, new doors, facings skirtings and decoration, so never a dull moment
Still got my 73 type 2 tucked up in the garage waiting for an outing
how about yo, are you on your travels or at home enjoying the strangely mild weather were having
going to the Algarve in March for a bit of touring, decided to hire a camper down there


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hi. here in uk . only doing short breaks away .
still have the artic but do think about getting a vw t2 , mind the prices these days i think i probably wont, hee hee.
might go for another bongo or a toyota hi ace or nissan cabstar.
decided if i go smaller then gotta be narrow and no high or lift up roofs.
probably no windows as well.
lots of nice sneaky places if the camper is small.
glad you got sorted health wise . i say waking up in a morning is the start of a good day.
having lost a lung as a teenager . had throat cancer in my 50,s then diagnosed charcot marie tooth. a nerve/muscle wasting complaint every day is a bonus.
still have m,bikes , have ride outs if dry and not too chilly. lots to do and see every day. down here its great in winter ,quiet and easy to park. but some of the real nice places a vw etc are the ideal ones for using. luckily i can park up then use the bike.
but miss the narrow vw,s or that secret parking in the really wild places.
have a good time and enjoy every minute.