Greenhouse and Garden and Chicken sitting - again

Discussion in 'Fulltimer Sites' started by Willum, Jan 16, 2018.

  1. Willum

    Willum Active Member

    We have a new camper to iron the knots out of, so there's a pitch-with-free-eggs on offer again. I've pretty much done a cut and paste of the info from last time with the odd amendment.
    There will probably be an offer of something a little more long term if it works out, so............

    Does anyone need somewhere to stay for a week or so, in Lincolnshire, in May, June and August?
    Sadly I have to say from the outset that it's a NO DOGS arrangement. We're in a large village but very much a rural area.
    We have a family get-together, a holiday and a wedding at opposite ends of the country and would like to take off for a week or more for each.
    The problem is our Garden, Greenhouse and Chooks would need to be fed, watered and an eye kept on them. It's not a massive small holding, or anything like that.
    1 Greenhouse
    1 SMALL Polytunnel (when the current storm damaged version is replaced)
    1 Veg plot
    8 Chooks
    Estimate is that it will take less than an hour a day to look after them and the eggs will be there to be eaten - or sold at the gate.
    Electric (6 amp)
    Loo (eco-friendly only!) and grey water disposal
    Use of a sunny, sheltered patio, with furniture and BBQ.
    We have room for a large unit and it's on hardstanding with easy access.
    (Our previous camper was 9 metres long and I could easily 3-point turn it on the driveway/hardstanding, as well as having a choice of places to park it)
    We are in a quiet village on the East coast of Lincolnshire. Good bicycle country.
    There are two small supermarkets, two pubs (one with a good restaurant), a Chinese and a Pizza takeaway, an Indian restaurant and a 'book-in-advance' restaurant, open 2-3 days a week. There's a bus service three times a day to one of the local towns and a twice-weekly one to a nearer town.

    It's worked well for us in the past and the option could be there for something more long term with us coming to some sort of arrangement about electric.
    If you're interested, let us know.

  2. Nomadic

    Nomadic Active Member

    Good morning Will,

    You have a PM its added to our previous conversation "Chicken Sitting"

  3. Willum

    Willum Active Member

    We are sorted out for the May and June slots.
    Still have a freebie pitch (with eggs :)) for anyone looking for a change of scenery from roughly 22nd August to 2nd of September - we've may have just the thing for you..................

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