Gas cooker LPG conversion

Is there any reason why a natural gas cooker cannot be used on LPG with a 20mb regulator instead of changing the jets? I;m havin g trouble getting a jet kit for my rangemaster 55.



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hi. sorry i cant answer that one .
the cooker in my house and the cooker in my trailer came with jet kits for both.
might be change of cooker required.
not much mains gas round here but lots use lpg either in bottles or tanks . some newer estates have enormous tanks under ground feeding the estates . houses with meters seem like main gas supplied but only lpg used.
Might have known you'd be the first to reply mate, It's Ian & Liz with the MAN L2000. Don't suppose you know of a tame gas engineer I could get some off the record advice from? Trying to replace the cooker with one I bought off SHPOCK, thinking it would just need jets as it's a rangemaster, but they say it can't be converted. Surely as Butane and Propane are pretty interchangeable but with different pressures I'm thinking that putting a second regulator around 20mb behind the cooker will do the same thing as changing the jets.


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hi good to here from you. unfortunately my mate ron that is or was my gas man i hardly see these days. but on thursday another gas man is coming to look at my water boiler at home,i shall try and find out more.
but ideally you should be able to get lpg cooker etc where you are .
i dont know what a range master is so i,m useless to you.
but nice truck , used to be one like that next door and in bowling green. hee hee .
have fun and smile.


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Funny to see this, I sold an 8 burner rangemaster 100 range style stove which I used on natural gas, the person that bought it was going to use it on LPG, he contacted me a week or so later saying he was struggling to find a conversion kit ?

I remember looking online and sent him a couple of links, not sure if he bought them or possibly sold the range on !

The problem with using a regulator is 'it may fail' in doing so could be dangerous, whereas changing mechanical fixed nozzles is the correct and safe conversion method

links I sent him

hopes this helps, sorry if you've been down this route and it didn't work out
thanks fanofatan. yes I have already looked at those sites, I even emailed rangemaster who said it can't be converted mechanically, you are however the first person to actually give me a reason! I take your point about failure but then all lpg systems have a regulator which if it fails could potentially let full pressure gas straight out of the bottle. fitting a second regulator would therefore actually be safer IMHO. my theory is partially based on the electrical triangle of V*A=W in that changing the jets to smaller jets just reduces the amount of LPG supplied so reducing the pressure would have the same effect...


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I also believe the nozzle has to be compatible with the size of burner it's feeding, I'm sure there are different orifices for larger / smaller burners
I don't think it's one size fits all
Trying the 20mb reg will drop the pressure, however the Nat Gas jet orifice may be too big / not powerful enough to direct the flame / heat around the burner...could it blow back !!!! Mmmm
keep us updated

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As an outsider who knows nowt about gas except natural gas is a lot lighter than butane or propane.......
You look to have an answer from rangemaster.


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does look like you cant do anything.
change jets and play with pressure seems the only way.
whats wrong with the original cooker?
cant remember what was fitted .
but lpg cookers are easily found .
Only one of the burners is working properly and one a the back has rusted away so the body is loose. It's surprising how few cookers are available that can be converted to LPG, and then it needs to be 55cm wide too. I bought the Rangemaster because we had one in Bugle and that was converted to LPG easily, although the oven was electric on that one.


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can you have a trip round some of the supermarkets etc where you are ?
might be easier than a trip to trago.
might be you will be able to get 50mm wide ones easier and make a narrow slide in bit.
must be some near you surely.
some times the world we live in isnt getting easier.


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Funny----- I just put LPG household cooker into eBay and two came up straight away rangemaster LPG converted ????it must be possible to convert them----- at least the ones for sale claimed to be????

Looked a bit further and found seven all claim to be LPG ????all rangemaster