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    The Supreme Court has ruled that it is Parliament and not the Government that triggers 'Article 50' to start the process of leaving the EU. Depending on which Newspaper you read or Media News Channel you watch they all say something different about 'if we do actually leave the EU at all', or how long it will take !! From a personal view, we all had our opportunity to vote, some took that opportunity and other's didn't, but at the end of the day the votes were counted and the decision made. I just want them to get on with it now but until they do I am not going to put my life on hold, neither am I going to burn any bridges. In line with my life philosophy, I am not going to waste my time on something I can no longer influence or change :thumb:
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    Their should be a general election as far as I'm concerned.How can we have such an important and complicated decision be made by an unelected prime minister who is pro European.
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    Pro-European but doing what the majority of the British Public voted to do, take UK out of Europe, how can anti-Europeans complain about that ?
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    has anyone used this and got a result?
    from ----Caravan Guard Limited for genuine fulltime cover...
    I guess they still want a post code address of some sort, I know I can get cover for 365 days if I still have my house "to live in" so what if I don't have a post code address?
    This "post code" does look to be the big stumbling block on all policies.
    I do not want to go filling in forms looking for "the right cover" if it is not available or what I have is the best I will get.
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    Silver Drifter posted on this forum some time back that he had obtained fulltime cover from somewhere other than 'Comfort'. Why not send him a PM and have a word :thumb:
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