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Discussion in 'Fulltimer Chat' started by K_Greer, Mar 30, 2017.

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    Hello All,
    I'm with Comfort, but have recently moved to France. My UK driving license is still registered at a relative's house in UK, and I am considering re-registering my motorhome there too. I'm getting ready to call Comfort and update them, but just wondered if any of you had any advice for me>>
  2. chrisjones18

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    the law on uk reg vehicles and insurance is different to the rest of the EU, so I found out ----- you can only get a uk reg vehicle insured with a UK registered Insurance firm.... [I tried a Dutch firm for overseas cover and got told to reregister out of the UK first]
    Comfort only do 9 months in 1 trip outside the UK, but 365 days cover, more than that you need their fulltime cover, done mine with them a month or so ago.
    you could ask for advise on a temporary move to France. I doubt they will insure a French reg vehicle
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  3. John and Joan

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    Chrisjones18 You mustn't have the AVIVA (Comfort) Full time insurance as that has no trip limits and the only restrictions are you can only leave the van unoccupied for a maximum of 48 hrs and spend no more than 180 days in any one country in a year other than the UK. AVIVA (Comfort) do insurance for those with a UK residence and that insurance does have trip limits. re-reading your post I see that you have recognised that. Any vehicle taken out of the UK for more than 12 months should be deregistered with DVLA as it is classed as exported and reregistered in the country it spend most of the time in. This however means that you have to take on residency of that country and have an address there. Returning to the UK even for just 1 day per year (also needed to keep MOT in order) means you have not exported the vehicle. A UK registered vehicle must have UK insurance.
  4. John and Joan

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    Fudging any question during the life of a insurance or on renewal could mean the insurance is invalid. It is in the terms and condition that you must inform the company truthfully of anything that changes the terms that the insurance offer was based on, as soon as it happens not just at renewal time.
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    I actually enjoyed talking to Comfort Insurance when getting a quote from them, they explained everything about their different policy's.
    At this time I do not need more than 9 months in 12 out of the UK [going to the Southern Hemisphere for a few months beginning of next year], so this is what I bought with knowing they will cover my vehicle next year when it is past their age/value limit.
    I can also up the policy to their fulltime policy at any time [extra cost involved here] including next year when if I wanted fulltime cover they would not be able to do it on a new policy. So I get best of both worlds in my view. [fulltime cover on an older vehicle and a cheaper policy this year]
    To be honest I was well impressed with them.
    Up until the change I was with Saga who had changed a few " terms and conditions" and cost that did not match want I needed.
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