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Discussion in 'Fulltimer Sites' started by DonnaG, Feb 8, 2016.

  1. DonnaG

    DonnaG Well-Known Member

    As many of you know, we intersperse our tours with house-sitting and as such, I get an email every day or so from the website with whom we are registered, Mind My House. This one came up this morning, it's not suitable for us but may be of interest to others, so I thought I'd share it here. You have to register with MMH in order to apply but it's just $20 a year to do that.
  2. BwB

    BwB Well-Known Member

    Great post, Donna. Bound to be of interest to someone one here.
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  3. DonnaG

    DonnaG Well-Known Member

    Well, I hope so. I know some folks have posted occasionally about looking for long-term pitches, so hopefully it'll suit someone :thumb:
  4. Merle

    Merle Well-Known Member

    As BwB says a superb chance for a long term stop and no fear of being moved on! Would have been just right for vwalan :)
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  5. Steve Freeman

    Steve Freeman Well-Known Member

    Surely vwalan is the last person who 'fears' being moved on?
    Some say he actually tows a 1/2 acre of land with him when he travels.
  6. coolasluck

    coolasluck Well-Known Member

    We were at Oliva for a while however we have an emphasise on traveling but thanks for sharing Donna.
    I would imagine its near the large campsite nearby so perhaps Steve Freeman and the like would be interested as i know he likes to spend large parts of the year parked in one place.The weather would be better as well.Go on Steve save yourself some cash:thumb:.We quite liked Oliva.
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  7. coolasluck

    coolasluck Well-Known Member

    As an aside we are with alan and bob again.This time we are camped on a lovely beach just south of Marrazon with nothing but the sound of gentle waves lapping on the shore.Not one for Snail though:D
    We met up with them at Los Alcaras where the police arrived the following night and scared about 20 vans off.We were left alone until the following night they again returned where the only vans in the area were ours and 2 others..I ignored the knock at my door as i was sat on the toilet but when i went out i could hear Alan telling the police the differance between camping and Parking e.t.c.
    The poor coppers didnt seem to understand the rules or regulations telling us one moment that we were to leave and then it went up to 2 and then 3 days.In the end we told them that we were going anyway the next day which we were and told them we would leave in the morning.They were happy with this and we all shook hands and they left.We believe that it was the camp site nearby pretending to be an aire that was the cause of the complaint.This is the only incident since we have been here in 4 months.The police were also telling us that we were not allowed to all park so close together which would also mean that no car would be able to park in the same car park as another.Still it was a bit of excitement.:rofl: Its not really a problem for we saw some that left parked just further on down the street;)
  8. Steve Freeman

    Steve Freeman Well-Known Member

    Everything is possible :) Is it near the beach?

    Luckily, with the truck, we travel all over - it's only the VAN that gets parked somewhere for 3 months in each place!

    Anyway, we just checked the exchange rates and we are currently paying £75 per week (all usual camp facilities, 16A, and unlimited free wifi), so we reckon that's so close to "free" we don't really notice it :)
  9. Fatima Saysell

    Fatima Saysell Well-Known Member

    I'd love that, but we are not ready yet. Nice to know for future reference, though! :thumb:
  10. Pinball Wizard

    Pinball Wizard Active Member

    MindMyHouse - Free summer camping in Spain, Motorhomes/campervans needed for land/house security. Basic off grid property set amongst orange groves, near beach & town. Peaceful with lovely atmosphere. Variable dates needed spring & summer

    MindMyHouse - Free summer camping in Spain, Motorhomes/campervans needed for land/house security. Basic off grid property set amongst orange groves, near beach & town. Peaceful with lovely atmosphere. Variable dates needed spring & summer

    Looks like they still need people.
  11. Dunroamin

    Dunroamin Well-Known Member

    For "mind my house"read mind my dog,donkey,cats,geese,chickens etc. 99% of the time it has bu**er all to do with house just the pets that they have and didnt realise that a dog is not just for Xmas!!
  12. BigMomma

    BigMomma Well-Known Member

    When showing interest in such 'positions' do you not speak with the people beforehand ? Surely you would need to have information first (both parties in arrangement), find out level of commitment and then accept or reject. If you don't mind taking care of animals then it wouldn't matter and if you didn't want to look after animals you would not accept the position ???
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