European motorhome insurance


Good morning you merry motorhomes

I am currently in Spain in my motorhome and have 3 months European insurance added onto my current policy with Adrian flux insurance company.

I am going over to Morocco for three months travelling around.

No company will insure me. I found comfort would for best part of 2000 pound. I would then have to cancel my current policy and take out there's.

When I said ok, they then stated that they could not guarantee that there green card ( insurance ) would be valid in Morocco. Then, they said they could not issue it as I was already in Spain.

All company's are keen to take our money, but don't want any more dealing.

Now, I'm tempted to take the local insurance in Morocco when I get into the port.

And when I return to Spain, then take out a new policy .

My concern is , will I struggle to get a new insurance policy to insure me, as I'm already in Spain, or do I need to tell a white lie, and get the policy activated a few weeks before I return, and then tell them I'm off to Spain once the policy is up and running.

I don't want to turn and then find out I cannot get insurance.

Any motorhomes on here, can u give or share Ur experiences with me.

I would love to enjoy Morocco, and then continue my travels and have another 6/ 9 months European cover before returning home to UK

Many thanks




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Why would Adrian flux not extend your policy? They sell a fulltime policy.
Tell them you are enjoying it so much you want to continue ..
Most companies selling a normal policy only give 3 months max cover for Europe in one trip, some only give 30 days.
Saga,Adrian flux, RAC, NFU and Comfort are a few that do fulltime or 365 day cover for Europe. There are a couple more but I can't think off the top of my head.


But my concern is that when I return from Morocco, I will be seeking a new policy with European cover , from Spain.

I don't want them getting funny and saying that they can only activate it from England. Which would mean I could not insure my vehicle


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If your 3 months is up before you get back to the UK i think your insurance will be invalid.
Going to Marroc won't matter as you should be in the UK before the 3 months is up
If you have a postcode address try Saga as they cover 365 in europe.
Take out a new policy to cover what you require from now would be my advice just forget about the not used month or two you have left.
You need breakdown cover as roadside recovery costs a fortune in France.
Do it on line and print the policy in the country you are in.


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all vehicle insurance taken out in an eu country as to give minimum cover for eu countries and some others . only minimum but you get cover.
for morocco you can get cover at the borders . again might only be minimum.
have to wait and see if and when uk leaves the eu.
might be wrong but i think insurance will still be the same untll the policey runs out . but could be wrong.
best not go to eu countries , and dont buy eu made items . hee hee


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What type of Motorhome have you got and how old is it ? Do you have a UK contact address ?

These are generally the most relevant aspects of getting U.K. Insurance cover. I have fulltimers insurance with Comfort and a U.K. Contact address. They issued me with a Green Card that covered Morroco. I have not paid over £800 for full cover ( which included European Breakdown Cover) and on my current van it is just over £700, so that quote of £2k seems extortionate !!