Driving Licence after 70 years young


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Help urgently needed,
We have a m/home which goes over the 3500kg limit, so i have to apply with the bus/lorry forms, and have a medical and vision test.
At 70 this went straight through, no problem. However in between then and hitting 73 (29/11/18) i was diagnosed with Lung Cancer.
I have and am having Chemo and according to my Consultant i am doing super well, big reductions in size and virtually no side effects.
But two day ago i recieved the reply from DVLA in which they have revoked my C1/D1 entitlement "after receiving medical information as part of the enquiry that tells them that my medication makes me "drowsy and confused throughout the day". This info was obtained from their own medical panel as my GP and my Consultant have not heard from them.
As i do not have the side effects they say, in fact they allowed my motorcycle and car licence, it seems i will have to appeal, which is through the magistrates court, so now it starts to get complicated and costly.
Does anybody know of a specialist solicitor who may help
Geoff, Bar-Le-Duc


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You say that your GP or Consultant have not heard from DVLA, this is not unusual as they will have access to their own medical consultants and their advice would probably be based on the common side effects of the particular drugs prescribed to you. Have you asked your GP or Consultant the question as to whether you, now or at some point in the future, could suffer such side effect symptoms ? I understand your confusion/frustration as to why, if they approved the issue of your Car/Motorcycle Licence whilst you are under these drugs, why they rejected your licence to drive a motor vehicle over 3.5t ?

I am unable to help with recommending a Solicitor that specialises in such medical/legal aspects but would suggest trying a search on 'Google' or visiting your local Citizens Advice Bureau :thumb:

I do not know from personal experience, however, Medical Opinions can vary enormously so you would need to be certain that your own medical team would be prepared in a Court of Law to categorically state that there is 'no risk' of you suffering the side effect symptoms from this particular medication. The risk is that if you lose then the DVLA may have grounds for reconsidering/revoking your other licences, so you may want to consider these implications. Would having your car licence be more advantageous than having the category to drive a Motor Home over 3.5t. As your normal driving licence permits you to drive vehicles up to 3.5kg could you consider downplating or changing your vehicle ?


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Have you tried talking to DVLA over the phone quoting what your doctor has told you..
They do make mistakes...
You will not ever loose the entitlement just a restriction to use it.you can get it reinstated at anytime.
A mate was diagnosed with epilepsy and got his taken off him and when he spoke to them they told him to re apply in 6 months , in a further 6 months they asked him to go for a medical... he had a full hgv licence. He then thought sod em I'll retire and swapped the motorhome for a 4x4 and a very large caravan. Loves his new life in the country and western zone.
Try citizen's advice if the phone call fails.first consultation is free.
Good luck with your chemo and the end results


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Thank you guys, both sound advice, a lot to ponder, time to get started.
Thank you once again BigMomma and ChrisJones18.


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I think it would pay to post your situation on our sister site motorhome fun. I feel sure that someone on there would have had the same issue as you, good luck---- also good luck with the cancer!!!


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Hi Geoff,

your licence problem sounds like a bit of a nightmare, I imagine it costs a packet to take on the DVLA, hopefully someone can point you in the right direction. Like Nigel says, probably get the info you need on Motorhome Fun.

Glad to hear all is going well with your 'Big C' treatment.G