Decision made!

Well we've gone and done it! Made the decision that we're going to full time starting early next year, so we're selling off all our accumulated crap from the last 40 years, I'm using my pension cos i turn 55 in a couple of months, we're buying a motorhome and off we go!

Been looking all over the interet and boy, is there a lot of information out there - half of it rubbish of course - but so many things to think about!

We're planning to stay in the UK for the first year, lots of Scotland etc and then we'll see, apart from that, no plans. Mostly wild camping is the plan with the odd site stop for charging batteries, water and waste but we can decide that as we go along.

Lots of issues to look into, from what van we will buy to how we deal with monthly medication, but nothing insurmountable and if it all goes wrong - we just rent another home somewhere.

Here is where we are right now:

MH - looked at a few dealers, can't see much difference between the £40k ones and the £15k ones so we'll be looking at £10 - £20k and hope to spend as little as possible but getting what we want. It's got to be rear lounge/bedroom, right hand drive and easy to get into but apart from that we're open to anything really though a coachbuilt seems to be the way to go for now. Upgrades/breakdowns/repairs aren't too much of an issue as I'm pretty handy, I've never put my car in a garage for repair in over 30 years of driving and I've both rewired our home and fitted a central heating system before now so I think I can handle most stuff - though age makes it a little more difficult these days!

Insurance - we'll need fulltimer insurance and there's lots of scare stories on here, but spoke to Adrian Flux and they'll be able to insure us on whatever we get, no vehicle age restrictions, value restrictions etc so that sounds much easier than we have heard, I guess the industry moves on at a pace!

Equipment - well we don't bother with TV and haven't for the last 7 years so no issues there. Internet we'll probably use a mobile phone and free wifi when we can but we can always use a mobile dongle too if we need to. Looks like a SOG unit would be great but I'll make my own version, loads of rubbish spoken about these but as a microbiologist for 20 years I have a little understanding of waste A rear view camera and/or sensors will also be on the shopping list if not already fitted as will new batteries and a few other things as we go along I am sure.

Great to see that there's forums etc to help out, this one seems to be about the best, and we're hoping to create a blog too but for the moment it's all plan plan plan and we can't wait to get going!!

Alan n Ann
GoodLuck A&A!! Keep us informed! GerryCwmbran


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hi there Gerry and the very best of luck to you ... im slightly younger than you and about 8 miles down the road lol ... any idea what type of van you will be looking for mate ?