Decision made!


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Several years ago I asked the question of a fulltimer, "What do you do to stop the boredom ?", I was told that fulltimers never get bored, they just have loose moments :giggle: There is no magic answer other than 'flexibility', adapt to the 'different' lifestyle :thumb: There will still be things to be done, shopping, laundry, cleaning the van (inside and out), combine those 'domestic' chores with the time spent 'travelling', moving from different locations, exploring new places you choose to stop at and enjoy some relaxation, sitting and watching what is going on around you can be time consuming and tiring so allow time for some 'personal contemplation' (best done with one's eyes closed ;)). Do you have any hobbies you can do whilst on the road e.g. Reading, Photography, Fishing, Cycling, Walking, Swimming, Painting, Drawing or even Writing (A blog telling others about your adventures) etc. etc. etc. You will be in total control of your own pace of life, somedays may be hectic so then you allow a restful day or perhaps two. Just enjoy it, learning to slow down is much harder than you may think, now you have time to do things you never had the time to get around to, try a new hobby interest, learn a new language, the world is your oyster as they say :thumb:
We're getting a bit of a taste of what it'd be like to be a full-time or long-termer at the moment. Normally I'd batter my way down through England to get to France and it wouldn't be unusual for me to be driving 500+ miles in a day. This time we've taken our time and taken several days to get to London and it is a lot more relaxing and has meant that we can stop for sightseeing stuff on the way. Today we drove from near Lincoln to Epping, which is only 128 miles. That mean we could have a leisurely start to the day, a visit to a National Trust property (Woolsthorpe Manor, where Isaac Newton was born) and still arrive at the CS we're using tonight in the early afternoon. As the CS is in the grounds of a pub then by 3pm or so I already had a nice cold pint in my hand!
Three or four years ago, I was chatting to a young Dutch chap and he maintained he only ever drove for an hour or so each day......I couldn't see the point until quite by chance I did the same coming up through France......suddenly I was converted to it! I then met a Brit ex-pat couple who said they 'drove the French canals'....they explained they stopped every 30 or 40km along the canals and then cycled up and down, so that they actually covered the whole canal!!
You wont get bored.......
That's what we're planning, just a short drive each day or couple of days, stay a bit longer where we like it and move on quickly where we don't. We won't be in any rush to get anywhere so it'll be about enjoying the ride rather than any particular destination.

Nice ideas there BigMomma, was planning maybe a blog and diary, and always do lots of reading, but I'd forgotten about photography - always wanted to do more of that and we got some great pictures of the Northern Lights from Skye when we went there a couple of years ago so that'll definitely be on the schedule. Realy looking forward to it now!:thumb::thumb:


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sometimes you only drive from one end of a village to the other.
then locals from where you were ask why you moved . come back its ok we like you.
with in a few minutes sometimes locals will drop off carrier bags of oranges or beans or something from their allotments . its amazing .
i,m sure there are places i could just stop all winter abroad and never move .
mind others we do move ever day , one night here then one night there . even the local police say thats ok . just dont stay in one place for two nights and its ok. depends what place we are at.
some places we actually stop in the police station parking area . been doing it or years , they ask what happened last winter should we not have a few nights in their carpark that year.


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well getting a bag of oranges doesnt happen.
but i do know lots of places that get regular visitors year after year. certainly cornwall as lots of places . but not in the main tourist areas.
every country as its places where the majority go but not far away will be quiet local places where visitors are made welcome and not just for their cash.
dorset used to have them when i lived up there , when my lads were young we used to go back to places i knew as a kid and it wasnt a problem.
wales in the right places is still great. again a bit inland but not far from the coast.
It would be good for you to browse --- look for motorhomes there are thousands of different types/layouts, I am not suggesting you buy there (but many in UK do) just see a larger range of vans.
Ours is a n+b flair on a 6 ton iveco chassis ---- we love it but it took a long time to find!!!!