Cooking without oven?


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buy mortadela in spain . bit likespicy spam or luncheon meat.
but comes in plastic tubes like dog meat used to.
we often have dog meat fot tea . cold or fried .
but you have to sing the spam song as well.
still have a full tube here and i left spain in april.
my lad loves it always bring several back for him , says it reminds him of being a kid in spain again. spam spam spam,,,,,,,,,,,


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Also available in Spain
yes you can buy them here as well but buying in morocco makes them just that bit more special.
happy , nice memories etc .


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makes a cheap type of cooked meat to eat.
about one of the only cheap food items available in spain these days.
lots food is now same price or dearer than uk.
best take lots of tinned ,dried etc food with you.
did spend 9.75 pounds in spain earlier this year ,on a 4 week break. on food .
good job beer etc is cheaper ,other than the sun there isnt much worth going for. ha ha .
the locals are ok but most of the tourists are the ones years ago we used to go to spain to get away from, now they are in motorhomes in spain, hee hee.


We have a little electric oven we use when on hookups but this time will also be taking a pizza oven (a Uuni 3) with us - and it can be used for a lot more than just pizza.


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did fit ehu in my trailer when i converted it. only ever used it while doing the conversion and once to get the freezer going before setting off for winter.
never hardly use campsites or aires never have ehu when away . do run a leccy lead into my house during summer so i can run things off the solar panels on the trailer. saves a shilling or two.


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We have an oven------ but when sun is around we use an electric Remoska----- if you have not seen one Google it, they are really good for heating pizza (I imagine!!!) But we roast everything in ours---- yesterday chicken and roast potatoes, comes out perfect (we do meat in a roasting bag) just our choice----- they have a really easy to clean inside and run from solar, ours is the larger of two sizes and uses 580w, cooks a chook etc in 1-1/2 hours, don't think you would get a whole chicken in the smaller one????
We bought ours from Eastern Europe from eBay cost £80 ?delivered----- can be bought from Lakeland for much more!!!
We have tried loads of different gadgets like double skillet and cob, if you have solar the ramoska is great in good weather!!!! Not so good at night unless you have decent batteries!!!!!
we have a coleman oven that has been mentioned, it does work quite well but you have to keep an eye on it as there is no thermostat as it's controlled by the gas ring flame size so things can burn quite quickly if you don't watch it.


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Got myself a Kampa Freedom - work off small gas cannisters and can do a full size pizza - sited next to door for ventilation :)