Confused full timers to be!

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    Ha ha Alan fox tails? Can remember tiger tails from esso petrol stations, but need some whippy aerials to fly them from, maybe need to dress up the scoot? Honda's are a bit bland compered to the Italians
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    i dont mind admitting . being into m,bikes all my life ,i cant ride a scooter. having been in so many scuffles over the years between the two groups .
    it sort of agreed a stepthrough honda or yamaha is ok , even a step through moped but no cant ride a scooter.
    after all i,m still childish. hee hee .
    in truth riding the dax folk laugh at me but they dont know i,m laughing from the minute i c throw my leg over it .
    never had one as a kid. but now i,m a kid again .
    great for just slowly drifting in the cornish narrow lanes round here or the country lanes abroad.
    ridden carefully get 30miles to a litre of petrol . makes a cheap afternoon out . mind not going much faster than some on push bikes . but the scenery round here and the folk i meet i love it .
    hopefully will be out being a kid later on so long as the sun is shining .
    i find these days i dont ride the big bike hard enough , get caught in too high a gear going too slow these days .
    will have to get my 250cc back on the road.hasnt got the screen on these days .and no the gas tank isnt part of it ,ha ha . suzuki tu 250 grasstracker , was quite rare when i got it 12 yrs ago.
    hi brian , bet you still have some ,,,,i,ve got a tiger in my tank badges or stickers .
    showing our ages now . hee hee .
    or the bullet hole stickers ,,,was it texaco gave the bullet hole stickers ?
    think they call it good old days .

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