Calnegre wilding area closed


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As many of you know, there is (was) a very popular wilding spot, right by the beach at Calnegre, where so many M365ers spent Christmas and New Year, along with many others.

We drove past it today and it is being permanently fenced off, with great big timber posts. Absolutely no access, not even for cars.

We dropped into a local bar and asked why. We were told that when it just used to be a couple of vans for a couple of nights, nobody really objected. But last Christmas and New Year brought dozens of vans, many of whom stayed for a long time, many of whom dumped black water, many of whom had tables and chairs out i.e. camping not parking. It has been decided that thanks to the abuse of some, it will now be stopped for all.

A shame, as it was such a handy spot, but that's life... the few spoil it for the many. :(


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Well it is amazing how such posts can be really thought provoking, in the short period of time between posting a response to Donna's initial post and going and making a cup of coffee this subject has been mulling over in my mind. It also links in with another post that was up for discussion yesterday, that of vans with onboard facilities that people do not use :rolleyes:

In my personal opinion, I think that there is a difference between 'Wildcamping' and 'Free Camping'. I do not have a problem with 'Wildcamping', to me it is the essence that we all at one point must have considered when we thought about goping off in our Motorhomes, finding a nice secluded spot and parking up for a day or three, reliant totally on the onboard facilities. Being able to wind out the awning, get out the picnic table and a couple of chairs and even the BBQ and just enjoying the relaxation and solitude. But then when finished, packing away and if there are no facilities available then taking away your Black & Grey water and other waste and disposing of it at an appropriate place and just leaving behind tyre marks in the sand. :thumb: Free Camping on the other hand should just be re-termed Overnight stops as the 'Camping' may confuse the issue. These places could be like the 'Nighstops' or 'Britstop' locations, the France Passion Scheme and even the Aires (many of which are free, some do, and some do not provide services) but generally these are not places where getting out your 'camping gear' is acceptable, they are merely a place to park, overnight or otherwise.

The unfortunate thing is that those who do abuse these places and ignore the often 'unwritten' codes of conduct will always find an argument to justify doing what they do and any discussion about the right's or wrong's are generally futile.


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Hmm...I would describe that as just camping.

I would say that if you are wilding, it is your wheels on the ground and nothing more. Once you starting getting your awning out, chairs and BBQ, then you are moving to a different level of camping. It was kind of borne out, for me, at a wild camp near Aldershot - beautiful rural car park, with lots of walks, wild deer roaming. I had a visit from an army Captain who asked if I was stopping overnight and I said I was hoping to, if that was OK. So then he asked me if I intended putting an awning or seats...I said no, and he went away happy, after warning me about boy racers doing donuts sometimes. This was a remote location, huge amount of space in the car park and on the surrounding grassland.

Obviously, there is place in the world for the sort of camping you describe...I have done it in France a few times, where it felt OK. I just wonder if, the more terms we have, the less clear the basic unwritten rules will be. In any event, I think I would be opposed to labelling anything "free camping" - the name suggests to me a more permanent site than the one you describe for "wild camping". It suggests to me the sort of camping that got Calnegre closed off - a sort of freeloading (and unloading, in the case of waste), self interested type of camping.

I can appreciate what you are saying, though. But we live in a world where the few can spoil it for the many and where curtain twitchers seem to hate motorhomes with a passion. In the UK, at least, we seem to need to be circumspect about how and where we stop. Of course, we can always return to old argument that if waste facilities were provided, however basic, there would be fewer instances of bad behaviour. In the UK, we just love banning things. :oops:


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As has been said it is always the minorities that tar us all with their disgusting brush:(
The same has happened in Scotland,here it has also been noted that the few find it acceptable to tip their black water cassettes onto car parks in scenic rural locations, there cant be anything worse for tourists to come across areas where toilet paper is strewn everywhere and to then see the contents of person or persons bowels spread all over the place.
The results of this then puts us all in the spotlight again for the wrong reasons.
As has been said it is always the minorities that tar us all with their disgusting brush:(
there cant be anything worse for tourists to come across areas where toilet paper is strewn everywhere and to then see the contents of person or persons bowels spread all over the place.
The results of this then puts us all in the spotlight again for the wrong reasons.
Its not only the motorhoming fraternity that can spoil things for everyone else. You want to see a lot of the service stations in Spain, they are absolutely disgusting. Litter everywhere and we've seen hundreds of plastic bottles full of urine that I suspect are thrown out by lorry drivers. What really amazed us though is the amount of Spanish families sitting out amongst all the rubbish having a picnic.



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Unfortunatly the issue of 'wildcamping/freecamping' spots being used to excess has been made much worse with the use of forums like this (and countless others)-------everytime a position is identified and posted, many, many people see it and put it on their list of places to stay-------------------this is the main reason that we do not post ANY 'wildcamping' spots that we use------------------we have located a lot of these places in our time, and when we return they are usually just as we left them:)-------aires are totally different, I think, as they have been set-up for this very purpose, ----to aid 'travellers', keeping waste disposal controlled, and also to allow the travellers to spend money in the local shops---so helping all concerned:thumb:--I have never seen the 'code of conduct' written down, but I understand that it is normal to have a one or two night limit on stay--or at least, they are not intended to replace camp-sites-----I can't imagine there being a problem if a stay were extended a little if there was plenty of space;);)---------------------------------------BUT it is most important to remember that ALL the land we stop on belongs to someone, and should ALWAYS be treated with the respect it deserves, and do not begrudge spending a little money with the locals for the (very often free) use of this space:)-------------This is just my opinion, established from our travels:)


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Its all to do with breeding.I was bought up to be clean and tidy and put litter in the bins and i would have thought it was normal practice for parents to teach their kids a good moral code and general respect.
I have given up on the stress of telling some tosser in their boy racers car to pick up after themselves after throwing their rubbish out of the windows.What we really need is a society that concentrates on parental control and education instead of singling out the motorhoming folk for victimisation.
As an aside we like to keep the kind of lists that are on certain sites some are good but we have to say that we do like to find our own spots as it is fun unfortunatly i also would not divulge these to any tom dick or harry.


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winding out your awning putting out chairs etc is just camping but not paying .
yes we have all done it a few times and yes at xmas we all did it .
i dont think any of usleft rubbish .there was a big bin close by . its really just the locals are trying to discourage campers on their patch . it happened there a few years ago . the fence got removed in the summer and never got put back.
some have stayed there for months year after year . in fact some have almost lived there for years we see them every time we are there. from mazarron to calnegro i bet there was 400 at least campers .possibly more .there are several little bays and beaches along the track there .

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I've come to a Wildcamping community slightly North of Calnegre, on the beach at Canada de Gallego where there is probably 30 units. Lovely views and walks and a village with a bar where 2 large wines and 2 beers plus a tapas cost 4euro. There is even a Marrocan shop selling Maroc bread etc. Well worth a visit.

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Dave. Si! Yes it is!