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My son has convertad a Merc 614. His insurance is up for renewal, so he shopped around and got a quote about £450 cheaper than his present insurer, the trouble is this doe's not have breakdown or European cover. Any suggestions please.


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A lot of people on here sing the praises of ADAC, they are a German company but will provide cover to non-German Nationals. I understand that their level of service is excellent, however, I cannot speak from personal experience. Perhaps you need to look at their website and also send a Private Message to 'Dunroamin', although I believe there may also be other members who use them :thumb:


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I think the RAC also do European cover as a standalone product.

But many people do recommend ADAC as BigM suggested (just be specific with them about the vehicle length and weight). Their English speaking contact is Barbara Lorenz on 004994155673.

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Copied from a thread on the darkside;)


Subject: ADAC

The attractive service package of the ADACPlusMembership protects you and your
spouse/partner when driving your own and also other party's vehicles in Germany
and Europe-wide following a breakdown, accident and theft. In addition each
other driver may claim the same services, when driving a vehicle that is
registered in your or your spouse's name. With the following services we will
help you, if the protected vehicle is no longer mobile owing to an accident or
if it was stolen:

- Breakdown and accident assistance (Paragraf 23) to EUR 200.-
- Assistance with lost or defective car keys (Paragraf 24)
- Towing (Paragraf 25) up to EUR 200.-
- Off-road recovery (Paragraf 26)
- Accommodation costs after vehicle loss (Paragraf 27)
- Transfers after vehicle loss (Paragraf 28)
- Travel expenses after loss of driver (Paragraf 29)
- Vehicle transportation (Paragraf 30)
- Passenger transport 'Pick-up' (Paragraf 31)
- Spare parts despatch (Paragraf 32)
- Vehicle customs clearance and scrapping (Paragraf 33)

The person-related PlusServices following illness and injury are even provided
to you, your spouse/partner and your minor children on journeys worldwide,
regardless of the means of transport chosen. The PlusServices following illness
and injury include:

- Medical repatriation (Paragraf 12)
- Accommodation expenses (Paragraf 13)
- Hospital visit (Paragraf 14)
- Escort service for children (Paragraf 15)
- Non-scheduled return (Paragraf 16)
- Assistance in special emergencies (Paragraf 17)
- Repatriation of pets (Paragraf 18)
- Medication and spectacles despatch (Paragraf 19)
- Assistance with the loss of travel documents (Paragraf 20)
- Interpreters service (Paragraf 21)
- Vehicle recovery in the event of vehicle loss in Europe
(Paragraf 22)
- Credit services

The comprehensive safety of the ADACPlusMembership is available to you for an
annual fee of EUR 79,50. As your wife is included in the ADACPlusCover, she
would not need the associate membership.

The ADACPlusMembership protects all vehicles regardless of the vehicle type,
which do not exceed the following measures and dimensions:

max. vehicle length 10,- m
max. total length 2,55 m
max. total height 3,- m Motorhomes max. 3,20 m
max. admissible total weight 3,50 t Motorhomes max. 7,50 t
max. number of persons (incl. driver) 9 persons

The insurance covers free of charge the towed one-axle trailer which includes
the above mentioned dimensions and weights (including cargo). Trailers whose
axles are less than 1 m apart are regarded as one-axle trailers.

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Too long to post in one piece:confused:

These are the terms of insurance for the vehicle

The protected vehicle is within the scope of Europe because of a breakdown or an
accident no longer ride, and
a) the damage was confirmed by a workshop noted;
b) there is no total loss pursuant to Section 1, No. 2. The replacement value
will be performed by us in Germany to generally accepted vehicle rating systems.
c) in case of damage in Germany can the protected vehicle on the day after the
damage is done to start again;
d) in case of damage abroad is the protected vehicle so badly damaged that
repair within a radius of 50 km from the place of damage within 3 working days
is not feasible and a spare part shipment to Section 32 is not enough.

We transport the vehicle with luggage and cargo by ADAC contractor, from the
garage to a repair shop at your residence. Can the vehicle be repaired at the
destination, it will be transported there, if there is no higher costs.

The benefits are also supplied to the protected vehicle after a theft, whether
damaged or undamaged, recover was not yet transferred ownership and not a total

Cover applies to incidents occurring within the European area of coverage and,
where the benefits defined in Paragrafen 12-21 are provided world-wide, also
those occurring anywhere in the world. The European area of coverage extends to
geographic Europe including Germany, the non-European countries bordering the
Mediterranean Sea, the Canary Islands, the Azores and Madeira. Benefits defined
in Paragraf 22 and Paragraf 30 will be provided from the borders of the European
area of coverage. This will also apply in cases where the incident has occurred
outside the European area of coverage.

The benefits relating to illness, injury, death and other emergencies
(Paragrafen 12-22) apply when you are on a journey. A journey means that you are
more than 50 km (distance covered) from your place of residence. In the European
area of coverage you are covered (according to Paragraf 4) if, by the time the
incident occurred, the journey since leaving your place of residence did not
exceed 92 days. Outside the European area of coverage you are covered, if the
journey did not exceed 45 days between leaving the place of residence and the
occurrence of the incident.

If you have an accident or a breakdown in Germany, call ADAC Munich on (0 89) 76
76 70, if abroad, call the local ADAC assistance centre (telephone number see
cover of the ADACPlusservice booklet) or ADAC-Munich Germany* on (89) 22 22 22.
The ADAC assistance centre speaks english.

The reimbursement is not possible if you contact a recovery service on our own.

I send you more information with this email by pdf-file.

Yours sincerley

Stefanie Schleifer

Renewal by telephone : 00491805101112


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My son has convertad a Merc 614. His insurance is up for renewal, so he shopped around and got a quote about £450 cheaper than his present insurer, the trouble is this doe's not have breakdown or European cover. Any suggestions please.

go for adac in particular if he wants to go abroad and is also a good price as the top level of cover is about 80 quid,i am about to go with them from now on:thumb:


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I understand the membership telephone number is now 0049 2214 727747. If they answer in German, just ask if you can have the conversation in English, they will change language, or hand you over to a bilingual operator.

Site is

As said there "partner Plus" package covers "two" persons, which ever vehicle you are driving.

In the UK they have the "AA" on contract.

Telephone numbers for all EU countries are supplied, within that country, with your membership.

Also included are other services, eg, health care, repatriation, loans, car hire, a medical supplies service etc.

Some members, when in France have had difficulties with the French agents, insisting on payment up front, under certain circumstances, but others have not...................could happen any ware, I think.

The "Plus" package is unlimited in size and weight of your rig.

Hope this helps, just now dealing with my renewal!!


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Mine is a 28ft 5T harm in asking before you write them off. I didn't find websites very helpful...or reliable.


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"I have a copy of ADAC terms in english but I can't find any where to put it on the site ??????????????"

Yes John, I had that problem, the file is to large to upload, it has to be via e-mail.

"Thanks everyone but the vehicle in question is 22ft single decker bus and it dosn't look like ADAC will help.looking at other options like Green Flag"

The Partner Plus policy should be ok,,,,,,,,,,,,,I think green flag have an age restriction....10 years!


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Why the devil are these insurance companies so damned awkward, do they want the business of a motorhomer or would they prefer us to send a wad of cash in a plain envelope. :mad:


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Just Transfer it across to my on-line bank account Merle, I will ensure they get it :rolleyes::rolleyes:;)
Pop your account details down and I'll try a test transfer to my account can't be too careful :D