Artist going to travel North America and paint...

I have decided to become a fulltimer. I am primarily a landscape painter, though I have worked in several mediums and genre. Now in my life it's time for me to paint more of North America. Yeah... it's a big job...

I have a website showing my work at

So, I'm wrapping things up where I currently live in Colorado, purchasing a good diesel truck and a good size toy hauler RV, 33-36 ft most likely... not to haul a toy but to build a small studio in the back area of the RV. I am primarily a studio painter, but may get into plein air painting as well. I see years of work ahead, all over the continent...

But, I am a newbie and have lots of questions...


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Hi and welcome
There is a hell of a lot to cover in North America !!!!!!!! We have some great photos from Alaska and Yukon, nothing compared to paintings though!!!!!!!
We did a big tour from TX to Ak including R66 and Calgary stampede in a diesel Dodge 3500 4x4 truck and Lance demountable camper--- had a really great time!!!!!----------the USA is very different to UK and Europe for fulltiming!!!!, I don't think y'all appreciate what you have there!!!!!!!!!
You can ask whatever questions you want, there is no guarantee that we can help with sensible answers though !!!!!!!

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Thanks for your reply... TX to Alaska -- WOW. That is one of the trips that I'm looking forward to...

I guess one of the important things I need to know is how mail contact is handled... important mail, like from our IRS or other such agencies like auto registration stickers that have to be applied each year. Do most fulltimers normally have an official address somewhere?


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Apparently in the 'States mail box type companies are quite common/normal------- is a good place for that info.----- in UK most fulltimers use a friend/family member for an official address, some use a canal boat type of address system, this is one of the many areas you are are better off in USA than us in UK, not having a 'proper' address is almost suggesting you are a gypsy!!!!!!! (Which in general is not a good thing)