Anyone know some where in lancashire

their is 1 good place too wild camp in lancashire go through lancaster heading towards glasson docks two places to stay for free the first is as you head in to glasson their is a pub on your right opposite is a snack caravan and you can park in front of this overlooking the lock or just past the pub is a car park on the left if you pull in and head towards the bottom left you can stay their me and jude and the cheiftain have stayed for 4 nights on the trot with no probs hope this is of some help but blackpool council have setaside 4 or 5 parking bays behind the swimming pools at a charge of 5 pound a night and normal parking fees thru the day
I think this is the spot at Lytham St Annes. It's a good location; not cheap and can be noisy. Behind sports centre, Cinema and behind Toby kitchens. It's also very popular.